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Nesargi calling chips anyone

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specialTalent is hidden everyone and there should be someone to groom it. The rural India has abundance of talent but does not have the know how of channelizing the talents one has. A son of a poor coolie who earns only so much that he can feed his family once, his son never dreamt that he would be sitting infront of computers and sending a mail to his chief trainer who has gone for a visit to the US regarding a query about the micro chip he has designed. But this is a fact and all this has been made possible by Karmic Training School and Research Centre Nesargi (Bailhongal taluk).

The Karmic center in Nesargi trains such students who have passed their SSLC but cannot afford to study further and trains them to make micro chips for a US based company.

Karmic center was established in 2008 provides VLSI training course for three years after which they are absorbed by Karmic Manipal or anywhere else. They make micro chips which used in mobile phones and other electronic gadgets.

Circuit Diagrams on the floor, we learn as we want it

Karmic Training School and Research Centre is not only a training center but also provides food, shelter, clothes and even pocket money is given by the Karmic Training School and Research Centre till they start earning. As these kids are from the rural areas special courses on English and communication skills are taken. The health insurance of their families is also borne by the Karmic.karmic 1

The man behind this exciting venture is Dr Shivaling Mahanshetti who is also Director of KarMic Company. Dr. Shivaling S Mahant-shetti envisioned a new world where every thing is natural, sophisticated, free yet controlled, peaceful yet powerful, innovative, productive and constructive in all a committed garden of rosy success reserver of knowledge in harmony with social responsibility enterprise of enterprises called “KarMic”.

mahant shettiDr S S Mahant-Shetti from Bailhongal, with rich experience in research laboratories of Texas Instruments and in TestChip Technologies conducts the course and manages the Design Centre activities. He holds 67 patents to his name and an experience of over 25 years in chip design.

He founded Karnataka Microelectronic Design Centre Pvt Ltd (KARMIC) in Manipal which has 250 engineers designing chips. He has emerged as a team with in-depth acumen in Memory, High Performance Digital, Analog, RF and Mixed Signal domains. A unique feature of the Design Centre is that its members are drawn exclusively from KarMic Training Centre Pvt. Ltd., after a year of postgraduate training emphasizing strong team spirit as well as practical aspects of IC design.

Dr. Mahant-Shetti received the B. Tech (Hons) in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, in 1972. He earned Sc.M and Ph.D. degrees from Electrical Sciences from Brown University in 1975 and 1977 respectively. He worked in Astro-Med Division of Atlan Tol Industries, Warwick, RI. For five years. He joined the research laboratories at Texas Instruments, Dallas and worked for 16 years. He started the LinAsic design centre in Texas Instruments India, Bangalore in 1988-89, the first commercial chip design activity in India. Chip designing was not done those days. He learnt it the hard way. He did his schooling from Belgaum Military school.

The timings for the classes are very flexible and the teaching is more interaction based and the instructors ask more questions than just telling everything.karmic 2

Dr.Mahant-Shetti told this blog, β€œOne needs to earn for himself then his family and then one needs to replay to the society, and I am only doing that.”

Pranjal Rural Power Private Limited, Bailhongal has also joined hands with Mahanshetti to work for the

social cause. Students designing solar products at the centre will be absorbed into a new company which will manufacture solar products.

The students who have passed out and start earning give Rs.2000 monthly towards the school from their salaries.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says:

Therefore, without being attached to the fruits of activities, one should act as a matter of duty, for by working without attachment one attains the Supreme.

Dr Shivaling Mahanshetti in a true sense is a Karmyogi who is building a nation from where it needs to be built.

AAB was the first one to cover KarMic way back on 09 December 2009.

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  1. I have had the opportunity of meeting Dr. Mahant-Shetti and visiting their training centre @ Nesargi. I was jus spellbound by what i saw there…Hats off to you sir…

  2. Great and great….. This is what I can say about you, sir!!! Translating the global way of knowledge transfer adopted by you is completely way different from the conventional way of knowledge transfer in which the rural India would find a hard time. As per the pics above, circuit diagrams are drawn on the ground to simplify it much ahead. i hope u read this article and get boosted on your works.Hope it will be the same and more. Cheers to u!!!!
    All the very best πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Tech goes RURAL! I believe our rural India is capable of both Agriculture as well as Hi-tech, if this trend continues no body want`s to leave their Hometown especially Rural people.
    Congratulations n best wishes to Dr Shivaling Mahanshetti n also to u UDAY for bringing such story

  4. There were a couple of important and critical mistakes in the schematic of the flip-flop in the Rangoli. One of the errors is clearly seen in the picture, the other is partially visible. To find the errors with SPICE would take a lot of time, staring at the schematic and finding the error is a much better alternative. Debugging is a very important part of being an engineer.

    The engineers involved in trying to find the solution to the problem included recently graduated BE engineers, SSLC students with one year of experience and SSLC+2.5 year engineers.

    Tier I, Tier II label on a community has nothing to do with excellence, Just wanted to show that it is OK to be the first in the world from a small village in India.. there should be a thousand such experiments.

    Thank you for your encouraging words, would love to see some comments pointing out the schematic errors and solutions.

    S S Mahant-Shetti, KTRC, Nesargi

  5. sir, i really appreciate the work what u r doing.but i just ask u one question that as i am a BE graduate passed out in 2007.i am very much interested in working in microchip design because i have just 59% in BE i am not hired any where. even now i am looking for better job.i always wanted to help the poor people in india i am not getting any opportunity.
    it does not mean that i donot have tallent we r not getting the opportunity.good persons shouid not tested by there percentage they should choose the tallent..this is the reason that india is still a developing country not a developed country.

  6. What can I say about your work? In noway it is simply patriotic venture. As an old man I can simply wish that your work and service and encouragement to the deprived should get into a multiplying effect spreading the work like a WILD FIRE( in good sence).MAY GOD BLESS YOU .

  7. Hello AAB. I am Madhuri completed my engineering in the principle of Electronics & Communications in the year 2010. Right now working at Media Computers as a faculty for programming language i.e C Programming. Hope you give me an opportunity for giving me the interview at your company.

  8. Good evening Sir, I am sangamesh from gokak taluk sir. Please tell me your email id or contact no. sir please.i am begging at you sir please rply sir. waiting sir please.

  9. Hello Sir,
    I am so happy to see the training given for the rural areas,you are really doing great job Sir, you have become an inspiration for me .In future if I get a chance I would happy to be part of Karmic training center.


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