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Monsoon Musings

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by Sameer Majli

It is that time of the year when the anxiety is quite high. With predictability having become a thing of the past, its often a common occurrence each year that the seasonal transition rarely happens in advance or in time. The period of an uncertain spell of waiting is as agonizing for me as it is for my citizens. After all, as I have said earlier, what happens to them is what happens to me.

Welcome to Belagavi aka Belgaum, erstwhile Venugram. My story continues.

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The warmth of my yesterday’s summers has been replaced by the searing heat of the scorching sun and as the mercury sores for the good old early thirties to the late thirties, its painful for me and the flora and fauna that are an integral part of my self. They say its global warming, an eventuality of the excesses of deforestation that make barren land out of lush green forests. The parched soil with its cracked surface and fissures, says it all. While I continue to harp on the need to decorate the cleared spaces with a well planned sequence of trees, I am internally sure and scared that the pleas will fall to deaf ears lost in the drudgery of routine.

The MET department has made its official announcement about a good monsoon. Not that I wish the said fate for by kith and kin spread across the expanse of this wonderful country but then like its for humans, its always tempting for me to say Not on Me.

Photo by Shivani Khapre: A scene near Belgaum
Photo by Shivani Khapre: A scene near Belagavi

There have been intermittent showers accompanied by the rumble but now its high time that the rain bearing clouds do their act. As I join my citizens in praying for respite, I will the El Nino or whatever phenomenon of nature that rules the roost, be kind to the human folk and relieve them from the scorching inconvenience. Rain often soothes my spaces around the 7th June and this is the tradition and promise which I hope they live up to, even this year. I also am hopeful that the initial spell is not succeeded by a dry one.

As I continue my hopeful glances towards wet blessings quite literally from the heavens above, lets hope that we have a wonderful spell of cool showers to last a few months. May the citizens find enough sense and commitment to make more than a formality of planting trees to restore what has been taken away. May the air conditioners and fans cease their duties for a long long time and may we all be lucky enough to experience the biting cold of the monsoons that makes me a unique habitat.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy and really wet Monsoon…..

Oh Monsoon….. come soon……

About the Author: Sameer Majli is Chief Mentor at Stratmen -Strategic Mentoring Solutions, an initiative engaged in facilitating near perfect education and learning.

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