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This rejuvenated well could supply water to entire Cantonment area

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Belagavi city was dependent on well water before commencement of Rakaskop scheme. Most of these wells were constructed before and during the British Raj almost 100 to 200 years back.
Dr. M. Vishveshwarayya who designed the Rakaskop Scheme had mentioned in the Preamble to his report that “Belgaum water supply can be maintained by a chain of wells.”

Many wells in the recent past have been rejuvenated which has helped in the restoration of water supply in many areas.

Now one more big well is being rejuvenated in Camp area next to the CEO bungalow, which was known as Eet Khadda. The well there was built about 150 years ago, but with time was filled up with mud and garbage and was not known to many as well since the past 50 odd years.

camp-wellThis rejuvenation work on this well was taken up January 2017 and the silt and garbage was removed manually. The entire project cost was estimated to be around 40 lakhs sanctioned under the MLA’s fund (Belagavi North Feroz Saith). The well currently has about 20 feet of water.

camp wellThis well falls under the Ward no.3 of the Cantonment board and member of the ward Mr.Sajid Shaikh speaking to AAB said

Currently the well is is 85 feet deep and 74 feet construction has been done, by putting rings of concrete. Each day the laborers add two feet of construction. The well has a diameter of 15 feet and after the construction is over in the month of may another 10 feet well will be dug up. A filter plant will be installed on the site and this water is very potable and it can be used to supply the entire Cantonment area.


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