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Speaking of Soul curries and soul mates

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A couple are running an eatery in a small lane of Kelkar Bagh named ‘Shyam Mess’ which serves special non-veg as well as Veg lunch/dinner and gets customers from faraway places.

Not many know about this little place with 3-4 tables placed in one room of the house of the Kundri’s in a chawl in Kelkar Bagh, just behind Western Tower.

The couple who are in their 70’s serve some sumptuous non veg, Fish and veg food at their small eatery.

shyam kundri couple kelkar bagh mess food

shyam kundri couple kelkar bagh mess food
The Kundri Couple


The eatery’s usp is the homely cooking and the taste ofcourse, you never fell like you have eaten at a hotel, it very similar to what one would have eaten at home.

Shyam Kundri who was working as a clerk in Udyambag after retirement decided to start this eatery to support his lively hood at his home and since then for the past 18 odd years this couple has been serving some amazing food like Fish Thali, Chicken Thali, Mutton Thali and Veg thali.

Shyam Mess is open from 12.30 p.m. to 3 p.m. serving lunch and 8 to 10 serving dinner.

Speaking to AAB, Shyam said The smile on their face when they leave our hotel gives me the energy to feed more and more people. Taste and authenticity is one thing which we cannot compromise.

Ofcourse Food is served with love from the couple, which everyone likes whenever they visit.

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  1. The taste of the food is not of the masala used but of their love and sincerity.
    All the best to you ajjoba and ajji.


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