The biggest Inheritance of loss

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By Swtaee Jog

A city suffers…and how! The blogosphere is abuzz with comments and remarks expressing disdain for the closure of Belgaum. Students are reluctant to leave campuses, for the academic years have just begun for many, businessmen lament the loss of earnings and the common man suffers at the politicians’ flat jingoism. Belgaum has been part of Karnataka since 1956 and a generation thereafter has only inherited friction ever since. Any kind of vandalism is unacceptable. However, with due respect for the democratic values of this country, one fails to understand how shutting a city down can resolve a problem or even be a mode of expressing contempt.

Democracy stands for rights with responsibility and not smug nationalism. If an Anna can exemplify how it is possible to bring a whole Government to fall in line with public demand, why can’t it be emulated elsewhere?

The world economy is treading a dangerous path with many a superpower losing its sheen and every nation under the perennial danger of a recession. We dream aloud of making India a superpower by 2020. No nation has ever gained superpower status by repeatedly putting a spanner in the wheels of progress. The common man is cheesed off with constant ‘bands’ and strikes. A whole working machine is unnecessarily clogged. Imagine the plight of tourists, the sick, students having exams, families having functions, businessmen with important meetings scheduled…

A small message to the politicians- we really want to work. Let us..please. Let us inherit a legacy of hard work, let us build an India that our generations will be proud of. Think big, think for the broader betterment of the country. Come out of petty mindsets. Resolve issues asap. Don’t use the common man to your own personal political benefits. Correct us if we’re wrong, guide us if we stray, change us if we stagnate, but dont break us…We really don’t like it!


Politicians must be suggested some innovative means for condemning any incident

– Stop talking to each other for a year…better still…take maun vrat

– Wear T-shirts that say ‘ I am protesting against …………’

– Give ads on cable TV as scrolls

– Take a hammer, spanner and nails and repair what was destroyed

– Sing aloud Hum Honge kaamyaab

– Give a jaadu ki Jhappi to the vandals!

6 thoughts on “The biggest Inheritance of loss”

  1. Very well written Swatee. I hope these atrocious politicians with their self-centered and egoistic interests read this, and learn something from it. They (and all the people involved) are actually bringing shame to the country by their idiotic actions.

  2. Effects of bundh on common and innocent people …

    Two of my friends Siddhart and Omkar were beaten up so badly by the Belgaum Police for no reason. They were going home after their work they saw a police jeep coming they felt they should not run away but talk to the officer and then leave but to their surprise the police constables got down from the jeep and started hitting them without giving them a chance to speak there were some 3to4 pc's all of them started hitting them hard.both of them pleaded the cops not to hit them but listen to them but it was of no use. even while at last when they were about to start their bikes and leave the police hit them hard on their backs.

    Siddhart's hand is all most Fractured and he is taking a treatment from Dr Ravi Patil and the other ones omkar's is the only earning member in his family is at home and his condition is worst than siddhart but he cannot afford for medical treatment he is not able to stand will atleast take 10 days to recover and these 10days salary will be deducted from his salary so the gift of bundh on a common man is fractured hand, injured leg ,loss of pay for next 10days, mentally disturbed and Etc

  3. Well said swathi. well appriciate your words. but unfartunate is that those who are born with distructive mentality (MES) Can how be able to understand the words of constructing a nation.?

  4. how long are we going to suffer??? i hate to say tht even though bgm is near to mumbai bangalore and goa still our beautiful city is left undeveloped… itpark ?? no companies are ready.. i believe the main issue for all this is the border dispute.. people here are so engrossed with this issue, they fail to see bgm is left behind and places like hubli are developing. its sad feeling for all belgaumites who after col have to run to places like pune bangalore and mumbai for job. imagine if bgm developed we all could have better living and lifestyle with a good job at hand? this is jus a glimpse of what wer are loosing .. more people would come up with more problems that we face.. jago belgaum jago


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