The clock tower at the Belgaum Native General Library

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Belgaum Clock Tower

Belgaum Native General Library (now called Sarvajanik Vaachnalaya Belagavi)was established in 1848 by the then collector M.J.D.Invararity. This is heralded as the first library started in Karnataka state. The clock tower on the Library which still stands tall, was built later(1930-35). The clock tower is now a landmark monument in Belagavi and its pride, situated in the heart of the city, Ganpat Galli.

It once boasted of a sizable collection of English, Marathi & Gujrati Books. More importantly, it had people with adequate time and dedication to partake the rich treasure of information and tales from around the globe.

1848 – The Belgaum Native General Library

21-07-1907 – The General Library Belgaum

13-03-1921 – Sarvajanik Vaachnalaya Belgaum

Clock Mechanism
Clock Mechanism

After 1921 it was planned to renovate the building and the actual renovation of construction of the new building began in 1925 and got completed in 1935. All the money required was raised by way of donations ranging from Rs.5 to 1000 each.
The Belgaum Nagar Palika (Town Panchayat) Alloted Rs.1500 for the tower. The initial plan of the building was prepared by Shri.Shashital and then Shri.Dharwadkar made a few changes. The new building with the clock tower was ready in 1935 as per records.

The clock tower is completely mechanical and needs the key to be wound once in 48 hours.
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clock tower

reading room clock tower

clock tower

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  1. The Sarvajanik Vachnalaya brought my memories back.I used to go with my younger brother to read comics and books in the evening everyday.Nice Photographs.

  2. Iwas searchng for photos of the library for an article in kannada,thanks for them.I went back to 60s when i and my brothers used to go there to get kannada novels.I remember one Mr. Kulakarni who used to issue books.Though i stay in Mysore I deeply attached to this library which initiated my reading habit.Thanks .

  3. Thanks for the Post, i used to Visit this Library atleast twice a week along with my Elder Sister. Thanks for the old memories.

  4. I too use to visit this library during my school days, till I got job in 1971. Beautiful place for reading with Rich books.

  5. Appreciations to the editor for sharing such good articles of Belgavi. This clock tower is on of the landmarks of our belgavi city which shows the past glory and future time.


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