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Unlocking Your Childs Theatrical Talents

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Theatre is not only a medium of entertainment, but it has an immense power to portray any story, emotion, or idea through a combination of dialogue, body language, expressions, voice modulation, costume, props, music, and lights. It also holds up a mirror to society, inspiring introspection and reflection.

The theatrical activities in Belagavi are limited, but the city is brimming with talent. Despite the lack of resources, the citizens have demonstrated their creative prowess in the performing arts. From plays to musicals, Belagavi has produced some of the most remarkable theatrical performances in the region.


Through theatre, students can gain a holistic education, learning crucial life skills that reflect on important aspects of life. Theatre encourages empathy with other social elements, and students can hone their expressions and acting skills by learning the nine emotions of Nav Ras during intense drama practice. It also helps to improve self-confidence, public speaking skills, creativity, perseverance, focus, gesture, leadership qualities, accountability, collaboration, decision-making, and problem-solving.

Drama allows students to communicate with others in new ways, and it can improve imagination power by understanding how creativity is used in theatre. Playing different characters can help students to think more broadly in every situation, and they can also be imparted with the knowledge of pronunciation, intonation, and story-telling. Ultimately, theatre accelerates personality development in students, making them better learners and more confident individuals.


Along with depiction and performance, backstage and technical elements are essential components of drama that can be used to analyze and evaluate dramatic works. Backstage elements include theatrical equipment such as flats, levels, backdrops, and scenery, as well as makeup and costume. Technical elements include arranging spotlights with the proper placement, intensity, and colors to communicate mood, feeling, or environment, as well as providing live or background music.

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In Belagavi, students have many opportunities to experience theatre and drama in Marathi, Kannada, English, and Hindi. Theatre is performed on a proper stage with lights, blackouts, music, props, and costumes, while drama is typically done in school competitions or annual programs without the technical elements and blackouts.

To experience professional theatre, students can participate in competitions such as Capital One Marathi Ekankika Spardha, organized by Capital One Co-op. Society (9343649006). To experience drama, students can participate in inter-school drama competitions organized by various schools and colleges in Belagavi, such as Meraki (GSS College), Gnosis (Gogate College), Avhaan (RPD College), and Oraxis (RLS College).

Where to learn Dramatics in Belagavi?

Students can join and attend theatre workshops conducted by the following organizations and groups.

Baal Rang Bhoomi Abhiyan – Veena Lokur : 9448860169

Natyankur – Dr. Sandhya Deshpande:9243222140

Rang Sampada, Belagavi – Arvind Kulkarni: 9845025638

Khula Aasmaan – Vaibhav Lokur : 7483770812

The Society of Artistic Vision – Neeta kulkani: 9742859656

Rang Bhoomi – Medha Marathe: 9449702161

Rahul Mohandas Productions – Rahul Mohandas: 8123803543

Common touch production – Jitendra Redekar : 9110410542

Belgav theater association – Sujit Birje: 9591194401/ Nilesh Mangutkar : 8904667055

Y not creations – Pranam Rane : 9964315161

If students are looking to learn more about dramatics, they can join and attend theatre workshops conducted by various organizations and groups in Belagavi. Theatre can help build a responsible global citizen by teaching the ability to understand others’ motives and choices in today’s increasingly polarized and intolerant culture. Therefore, parents and preschool and elementary teachers should encourage students to explore the world of theatre.


Rahul Mohandas

is an aspiring filmmaker, Dramatist, actor, and Writer who hails from Belagavi.

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