Water: the elixir of life

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It is indeed the duty of the Water Board to supply its people with clean water for drinking. It is also indeed the duty of NGOs to assist people with low economic backgrounds with water.

So, isn’t it the duty of us citizens also to use water mindfully?

The simple and permanent solution to water scarcity is “RAIN WATER HARVESTING “, scientifically and simply put, it’s a method of transferring pure rainwater which is collected on our roof, balconies, or terraces into an existing well, borewell, or deep into the ground after primary filtration. This is called the water cycle which kids aged 10 write in their examination but is hardly implemented.

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Storing water at a shallow depth uncovered gives rise to water-borne diseases, and breeds a lot of mosquitoes. Hence the correct method of sending water to the ground is important.

Er. Praveen Pujar, and Er Pradeep Nagmalli, provide the necessary design and filters for the same.

Besides harvesting rainwater, other things that can avoid water wastage throughout the year are these

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Nirnal Water Filter

1. Water can never be stale or fresh, 2 -3 days old water need not be thrown into the gutter ( a common practice seen in a few areas of old Belagavi)

2. Belgaum water does not need an RO purifier. Only areas with high TDS need it. RO discards a lot of wastewater in the process of purification.

3. Washing machine drain water can be easily used for washing/ flushing toilets, and cleaning front yards.

4. Water-saving devices from which can be easily installed in your existing fittings to save upto 60% water.

5. Keeping your garden soil covered with dry leaves/ cocopeat or any form of mulch prevents moisture loss, also when the garden is chemical-free water intake is very little.

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The above few mentioned habits can be incorporated in your elder children and a few among youngsters too. Water conservation is a good habit, just as praying to God daily is a good habit. We need not wait for an auspicious day to pray or save water, it should be routine.

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