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Belagavi Half Marathon is a well conducted success

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The fourth edition of the Belagavi Half Marathon was well conducted in a covid appropriate manner. Flagged off from the CPED grounds this edition also saw it being certified by the International body of AIMS ( Association of International Marathons and distance races). Conducted as a charitable initiative by Lakeview Foundation and Rotary Club of Venugram, the Race Management partners were YouTooCanRun.

The event had three distance categories of 21K Half Marathon, 10 Kms and 5 Kms. Conducted with the active co-operation of the MLIRC the flag offs were conducted by Maj General P. S. Bajwa and Colonel Manoj Sharma. The event had 800 participants across all race categories and all Covid appropriate behaviour such as masks, sanitizer, social distancing, and all participants were checked for being double vaccinated. About 35% of the participants were women, including many first time runners in their quest for good health and establishing their timing on a certified course

The International accreditation elevates the event to the next level of enabling Belagavi’s to participate in international running events of their choice without having to travel to other cities to get qualified. The surplus arising from the event will be allocated to building toilets at rural schools.

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The winners of the different age categories are as under.

21 KM

AGRankBIB noNameAge CategoryGenderChip time
121024Arun Malavi18yrs to 30yrs – MenMale01:13:03
221032Shahaji Kirulkar18yrs to 30yrs – MenMale01:15:03
321029Megh Shivalkar18yrs to 30yrs – MenMale01:39:13
AGRankBIB noNameAge CategoryGenderChip time
121007Mridula Halgekar18yrs to 30yrs – WomenFemale01:50:32
221168Pranali Jadhav18yrs to 30yrs – WomenFemale01:58:16
321003Nur Aqilah Zulkarnain18yrs to 30yrs – WomenFemale02:27:30
AGRankBIB noNameAge CategoryGenderChip time
121103Vinayak Jambotkar31yrs to 45yrs – MenMale01:25:51
221088Kartik Ng31yrs to 45yrs – MenMale01:26:07
321068Dhiren Vaity31yrs to 45yrs – MenMale01:37:22
AGRankBIB noNameAge CategoryGenderChip time
121016Clefa Dias31yrs to 45yrs – WomenFemale02:02:01
221009Vandana Gavade31yrs to 45yrs – WomenFemale02:02:57
321017Shanthi Baliga31yrs to 45yrs – WomenFemale02:06:06
AGRankBIB noNameAge CategoryGenderChip time
121152George Thomas46yrs and Above – MenMale01:35:36
221161Jagadish Reddy46yrs and Above – MenMale01:47:26
321151Swaminathan Balakrishnan46yrs and Above – MenMale01:48:40
AGRankBIB noNameAge CategoryGenderChip time
121021Pritiva Lobo46yrs and Above – WomenFemale01:59:51
221023Durga Sil46yrs and Above – WomenFemale02:05:40
321020Deepa Tendulkar46yrs and Above – WomenFemale02:05:57


AGRANKBIB noNameAge CategoryGenderChip time
110280Sunil D18yrs to 30yrs – MenMale00:32:22
210053Vivek More18yrs to 30yrs – MenMale00:32:58
310043Pradhan Kirulkar18yrs to 30yrs – MenMale00:33:29
AGRANKBIB noNameAge CategoryGenderChip time
110281Shahin Dharwad18yrs to 30yrs – WomenFemale00:42:53
210019Siti Nurul Wahidah Bohang18yrs to 30yrs – WomenFemale00:55:13
310021Rasika Dhamanekar18yrs to 30yrs – WomenFemale01:02:44
AGRANKBIB noNameAge CategoryGenderChip time
110110Rajesh Konjar31yrs to 45yrs – MenMale00:37:57
210116Sandip Sharma31yrs to 45yrs – MenMale00:47:49
310118Tanmay Naik31yrs to 45yrs – MenMale00:52:10
AGRANKBIB noNameAge CategoryGenderChip time
110029Shobha Nandanwade31yrs to 45yrs – WomenFemale00:58:31
210028Neera Purohit31yrs to 45yrs – WomenFemale01:01:04
310282Jarina Shaikh31yrs to 45yrs – WomenFemale01:01:45
AGRANKBIB noNameAge CategoryGenderChip time
110142Ranjit Kanbarkar46yrs and Above – MenMale00:42:14
210138Dharmaraj M P46yrs and Above – MenMale00:57:18
310150Mudduraj Kulkarni46yrs and Above – MenMale00:57:46
AGRANKBIB noNameAge CategoryGenderChip time
110300Mayura Shivalkar46yrs and Above – WomenFemale00:59:51
210034Shalinee Vaz46yrs and Above – WomenFemale01:16:39
310038Varalakshmi Venkatraman46yrs and Above – WomenFemale01:35:55


AGRankBIB noNameAge CategoryGenderChip time
15094Sampat Sangami18yrs to 30yrs – MenMale00:21:20
25105Akash R Kamalkar18yrs to 30yrs – MenMale00:21:24
35163Basayya S Hiremath18yrs to 30yrs – MenMale00:22:15
AGRankBIB noNameAge CategoryGenderChip time
15015Rohini Patil18yrs to 30yrs – WomenFemale00:23:42
25003Siea Gakhar18yrs to 30yrs – WomenFemale00:35:57
35033Ashwini Melge18yrs to 30yrs – WomenFemale00:37:06
AGRankBIB noNameAge CategoryGenderChip time
15233Veerendra31yrs to 45yrs – MenMale00:25:00
25266Krishna Naik31yrs to 45yrs – MenMale00:25:23
35235Girish K M31yrs to 45yrs – MenMale00:25:31
AGRankBIB noNameAge CategoryGenderChip time
1506231yrs to 45yrs – WomenFemale00:30:00
25063Savita Shastri31yrs to 45yrs – WomenFemale00:30:45
35325Nidhi Chougule31yrs to 45yrs – WomenFemale00:36:13
AGRankBIB noNameAge CategoryGenderChip time
15279Yeshwant Parab46yrs and Above – MenMale00:28:38
25292Balappa Mennikeri46yrs and Above – MenMale00:31:58
35269Muttappa Angadi46yrs and Above – MenMale00:36:39
AGRankBIB noNameAge CategoryGenderChip time
15077Seema Salgoankar46yrs and Above – WomenFemale00:42:05
25069Srisha Kava46yrs and Above – WomenFemale00:50:12
35070Sulochana Itagi46yrs and Above – WomenFemale00:53:43

The fifth edition of the event is scheduled for 25th September 2022

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  1. My daughters Aditi 11yrs 8 months and Aarna 9 yrs 10 months ran 5.6 kms in 29.30 mins and 28.37 mins..
    In the open category they stand 3rd and 2nd respectively
    They burnt their blood and broke their sweat for this event for the past 3 months..
    Not even a word of appreciation from the organizers..
    They had earned the podium finish by their sheer hard work… but they returned back dejected empty handed..
    A classic case of blood turning into water.

  2. Many Congratulations to ALL the Contestants, Finishers, and Podium Winners!
    Some awesome super fast times were posted.
    Glad to see the “Josh”!!! Howz the Josh – High Sir!


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