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Belagavi Panthers or Belgaum Panthers

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Belgaum is famous for Kunda and the border row and the dispute keeps peeping itself in on various occasions, thanks to some pro language people and organizations.bgmpnthrs2

This time the row is over the naming of the KPL franchisee as Belagavi Panthers. Advocate Madhav Chavan, in a letter has written to former BCCI president and Union Minister for Agriculture Sharad Pawar urging action against Karnataka State Cricket Association for naming the cricket team “Belagavi Panthers”. He also stated that the central government had not given its nod for renaming of Belgaum and when the official name is still Belgaum why the team name has been kept as Belagavi.

Mr.Chavan also mentioned that that neither government nor the association had the right to use the name “Belagavi”, as long as the matter was still in court.

May what happen but the language bias does come up in some form or the other in Belgaum. The idea of Mr.Chavan of writing to Shard Pawar may not do any good.

Now let us think of a hypothetical situation where in the team name is changed to Belgaum Panthers, then what happens, the Pro Kannada organizations will come up strongly against the changing of the name.

A notable factor here is the names of other teams of the KPL. Bangalore Brigadiers why wasn’t it named as ‘Bengaluru’ Brigadiers or Mysore Maharaajas as ‘Mysuru’ Maharaajas.

Only the Belgaum team is Belagavi Why is this? Any idea readers.

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9 thoughts on “Belagavi Panthers or Belgaum Panthers”

  1. How does it make any difference to the pro-Maharashtra people whether it is Belgaum Panthers or Belgavi Panthers or even Belgaon Panthers …. These guys will never allow anything good happening for our city .. they need a reason to show their love to the city … which they don't …. either they don't have work or may be this is the only work they got …

  2. belagavi and belgaum or bengaluru or mysuru are good pasttimes for jingoists and they get great space in media. so people who honestly do a day's job has not much time to think of a place name. Shakespeare has asked long ago: what's in a name? And Chairman Mao's famous words too are relevant: It does not matter the cat is black or white as long as it catches the mice.

  3. Thats why Belgaum is still behind in all areas. What make difference if Belgavi or Belgaum .Here cricket is important. shall discuss about how to boost the team and how to support to grab the cup for Belgaum. Pls stop all these things and let work for city development. Tamil Nadu & Andra pradesh people does not where is Belgaum or Belgavi even they have not heard the name at all. You where the city is capable of being second capital of Karnataka and second IT hub..

  4. Guys I have a clear Idea,
    The name BELGAUM originated from british as those Idoits were unable to spell BELAGAAVI ( hope every one is aware of it-see the article karnataka state gadgetor published by me n uday when this website started), now british left us, hope i am correct- so now it should be either Belgaavi panthers -as per kannadigas or Belgaon panthers-as permarathis, but there is turn agian as the team is playing for KARNATAKA PREMIER LEGUE, hense it must be Belgaavi panthers, if it would have played to maharashtra premier legue then Belgaon panthers, what say?

    be flexible for united belgaavi/belgaon guys.please dont fight.


  5. Marathi Man Kaane kho nahi kankya kutte ka naam marathi manus…..! this saying is becoming true by doing unnecessary things like KPL protest ….

    Instead do some developmental work…like protest against bad roads, infrastructure in bgm…and near by villages so that atleast this josh gets used


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