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Ketaki Patil Earns Spot on Team India for Asian and World Bodybuilding Championship

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Ketaki Patil, hailing from Belagavi, has achieved a remarkable feat by securing a spot in Team India for the upcoming Asian Bodybuilding Championship and World Bodybuilding Championship in 2023. The former will be held in Nepal in September, while the latter will take place in South Korea in November. This is a significant accomplishment for Patil, who has undoubtedly worked tirelessly to reach this level of success.

Ketaki Patil, Belagavi, found her inspiration for bodybuilding from her father, Manohar Patil. It was her father who encouraged and guided Ketaki in the beginning, and later, famous bodybuilder Shekhar Lad provided her with special guidance and training, and mentoring by Ajit Siddanavar.

She completed her primary and secondary education at St. Joseph Convent High School in Belagavi. She then pursued her undergraduate degree at Lingraj College and obtained her master’s degree from KLS IMER.

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Ketaki’s dedication to bodybuilding has paid off, and she has achieved great success in the field. In November 2019, she married Jagjeet Madan Dongre, who is incredibly proud of her accomplishments and supports her in reaching even greater heights. Ketaki works hard to achieve her goals, spending four hours daily in a private gym and strictly following a healthy diet.

Ketaki Patil has been making waves in bodybuilding since 2018 when she began participating in competitions. She has since gone on to compete in prestigious events such as the 2019 National Level Bodybuilding Championship and the Asian Club International Bodybuilding Championship. In 2020, Ketaki Patil won the gold medal at the national-level bodybuilding competition held in Amalapuram, cementing his status as a rising star in the sport.

The following year, she continued to impress by winning the bronze medal in the national level competition in Ludhiana. Ketaki earned a silver medal in the National Bodybuilding Championship held in Pondicherry. His impressive track record has earned him numerous awards and titles in bodybuilding.

Ketaki, who is also a member of the IBBF, has set her sights on winning a gold medal in the world bodybuilding championship. With her talent and determination, there’s no doubt that Ketaki Patil will continue to make a name for herself in the world of bodybuilding.

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  1. These sport personalities make proud to be in Belgaum. Congratulations to Ketaki and Best of Luck for winning the Asia Club Title.

  2. All the best to Ketaki Patil and her team mates at the Asian Bodybuilding Championship and World Bodybuilding Championship in 2023.


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