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Kumble, Srinath unhappy with Club house development at Stadiums

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KSCA Belgaum cricket stadium
KSCA Belgaum cricket stadiumtadi

Javagal Srinath and Anil Kumble have voiced their objection to what they deem to be unnecessary expenditure that the Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) intends to undertake.

But an angry Srinath expressed displeasure at the manner in which things unfolded at the meeting. “They didn’t even let us speak properly,” he said. The focus of their disagreement with the existing Managing Committee was a proposal to spend Rs. 75 crore on building clubhouses on the KSCA premises in Hubli, Belgaum, and Shimoga.

The proposal was eventually approved at the meeting, which was attended by nearly 300 members at the stormy Special General Body Meeting on Sunday.

What is the logic of spending so much on clubhouses? This is a cricketing organisation; not a social club,” Srinath said. “They say the purpose of the clubhouse includes cricketing activity. What is the necessity, then, to have a bar? A canteen should be enough.”

The work on the cricket stadium in Auto Nagar Belgaum was started in 2007 by Karnataka Cricket Association. The work which was at a snails pace has now gathered momentum and is expected to end in early next year.

Source: The Hindu

4 thoughts on “Kumble, Srinath unhappy with Club house development at Stadiums”

  1. I endorse the views of Anil Kumble and Srinath. It is mandatory that the stadiums are made functional and operating to satisfaction with all basic amenities for sportmen and public. Only after the above conditions are met, that authorities can look into providing luxury for its members.

  2. how much money they are going to spend on cricket stadium & what about any future expansion & additional facility. anybody have idea on this?

  3. They make a club house of goverment money which will have Bar with resturant and a party hall with some guest rooms. the members will enjoy all this facilitys specially politicians and very very less percent of players.

  4. Kumble and Srinath are right in opposing but politician as we know don’t listen to anyone they will do what they want. 75 crores for club house….then what is the cost of stadium. how many matches will be played in a year at these stadium. and finally there will be no one accountable for the expenditure..since its public tax money not from the pocket of any politician or cricketer.


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