Royceton Gomes Memorial Football Tournament- Update

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The league phase of the Main Draw 2014 of the Memorial Cup of the Royceton Gomes Memorial Football Tournament continued today on the grounds of St. Paul’s High School.

In the first match at 2:30 PM, MV Niketan took on Second Qualifier 2014, Sant Meera School. The game began on an aggressive note with both schools on the attack to score. Both schools fought hard to score but the first half ended goal-less. The second half began with both teams stepping up their game in an attempt to score. But Md Kounain Hosmani of Sant Meera managed to open the score of the match in the 35th minute. Sant Meera put on a fabulous defence and the goal-keeper of Sant Meera, Rohit Patil, managed to save a number of shots at the goal. Sant Meera won the match 1 –

The second match at 3:30 PM was played between St. Xavier’s High School and KLS School. In the early minutes of the match Akash Vernekar of KLS School scored a goal in the 7th minute. Shortly thereafter, in the 10th minute, Dhananjay Sulgekar of St. Xavier’s equalized the score. But Tushar Pawar scored a goal in the very next minute to put KLS back in the lead. But that was not enough to keep KLS in the lead as Prajwal Kalli of St. Xavier’s equalized the score in the 15th minute. The first half ended by Ashwin Kaktikar scoring another goal in the last few minutes of the first half to put St. Xavier’s back in the lead. The second half began by both teams intensifying their fight to score. The goal-keeper of St. Xavier’s, Suraj Kotabagi, did a fantastic job defending multiple goal attempts by KLS. Clearly the match was dominated by St. Xavier’s as Dhananjay Sulgekar scored his second goal of the match in the 38th minute followed by Prajwal Kalli also scoring his second goal of the match by a penalty shoot-out in the 45th minute. St. Xavier’s won the match 5 – 2.

The third match was played by MVM and Beynon Smith School at 4:30 PM. The match began by Stephen Kandulla scoring a goal in the 8th minute for Beynon Smith. Within the next few minutes, Aditya Juvekar scored the second goal for Beynon Smith in the 13th minute. The score at half time was 2 – 0 with Beynon Smith in the lead. Even though MVM fought hard to score, they could stop Sunny Kandula from scoring the third goal for Beynon Smith in the 28th minute. MVM played a good game but it was an impressive victory for Beynon Smith School 3 – 0.

Tomorrow, the league phase of the Main Draw 2014 of the Memorial Cup will continue on the grounds of St. Paul’s High School at 2:30 PM with Islamiya School playing against KLS School. At 3:30 PM Cantonment School will take on Sant Meera School and in the final match of the day at 4:30 PM KLE School will play against Phoenix Public School.

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