Royston Finals Marathi VidyaNiketanb win 2-1

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Royston Finals Marathi VidyaNiketan win 2-1 

 In a stunner result all time favorites St.Pauls lost to Marathi Vidyaniketan 2 goals to 1.  

This is what all the fans gathered at the ground must have wanted to see a classic game of football at the Royston Memorial Gold cup finals.

 Marathi Vidyaniketan struck the first goal in the first half to surprise St.Pauls and then St.Pauls equaled the goal and at half time both teams were 1-1.  

During the second half Marathi Vidyaniketan made aggressive attempts to make goal but none of the teams were successful. 

In the first half of Extra time Vidyaniketan scored their second goal.




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