Stone pelting stops Sait trophy finals

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At a juncture when the final cricket match of the Feroz Sait trophy was at its decisive phase there was clash between two groups of spectators and they resorted to stone pelting.

As a result of this the police had to resort to lathi charge. About 7 people have been injured.

SP Sandeep Patil visited the ground and stopped the match after the incident and heavy police deployment is there near the ground.

About 25 thousand strong crowd was there to witness the final match of the Feroz Sait trophy between Maratha Sports and Neena Sports club.

This was a day and night tennis ball tournament organised by MLA Feroz Sait. The prize money involved in the same was in lakhs and hence there was tremendous response to the tournament. 

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  1. 25 thousand people at Sardar ground is bound to be marred with such incidents! Of late the MLA’s of BGM city are on self image building exercise and not bothered about addressing real issues of citizens. There is also an element of communal interest in hosting such public events, though it may not be visible to a naive person. Why was this event not hosted at district ground? Has anybody seen what kind of traffic problems these events have caused to everyday commuters? It is time to penalize the event organizers!


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