Calling all Belagavi Startups for some limelight

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Belagavi: That idea never allowed you to rest in peace till you gave it form. One that haunted you day and night, robbed all your sleep, and made you a zombie with a difference. Until you opened that company and let the genie loose.

Some call it the Business ka keeda. We call it the next big thing. Doesn’t matter.

So Mandar Kolhapure, who has already been bitten by the keeda several times, and AAB, who nourishes such keedas, have joined hands to do something. You know, how people just want to “Do something” while these two simply finish their work and stand aside smiling!

So now you’re officially a startup with an idea and a whacky brain behind it.

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While you grow in leaps and bounds, Allaboutbelgaum stands behind you. Oh! We may not be the Sharks in the Tank who end up funding your idea but we’re definitely the tiny nudge that propels your boat a bit ahead.

Share your details with us and we will publish them on AAB.

We’re collating all information about Belagavi Startups so that they gain the visibility they badly need.

All you’ve got to do is fill out the Google form whose link you’ll find below and give us details.

We will post on AAB as one post per startup periodically. That’s the least we can do to boost our city’s folks. (Posts may also be verified so it may take time)

Who knows there’d be a hidden Unicorn among these? Ok OK. You can thank us later for this.
Each submission will be verified and when it is approved and fits the startup criteria it will be uploaded.

Google Form Link for details to be submitted

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