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  1. Uday & his blog AllaboutBelgaum.com are the only ones I refer to for contacts, news & views of our dear old home town. I am grateful to Uday for so much data and other help he has given me in preparing our bi-annual THE PAULITE LINK for the Alumni of St. Paul's High School.

    Ollie D. Oliveira

  2. Uday,
    This is a great site, to get one stop news about Belgaum. You have done a great job, by starting this site.We feel at home away from home.This blogs provides us all the latest information about Belgaum.
    Keep the good work going.
    Best Wishes

  3. allaboutbelgaum kept me informed about India and Karnataka in general and Belgaum in particular during my long stay of 6 months in US. Wonderful job by allaboutbelgaum in general and Uday in particular. Thank U Uday,

    SM Katti

  4. The 'allaboutbelgaum.com' takes me back to my initial days in Belgaum when I often saw Uday, a computer savy, along with his two friends (Sachin and Alex), sitting for long hours before a PC at the internet-cafe the trio had opened in Khadebazaar. His blog is only a manifestation of his confidence in savoir-faire. However, in the process that spans about a decade, he has emerged into a citizen's journalist, providing not just information about various aspects of socio-economic, cultural and political life of Belgaum but also web-casting important happenings in and around the city. His blog mirrors Belgaum life, with its contents providing all the basic information about the city, it has also developed into an important platform for Belgaumites staying far away to be in touch with the happenings in their home town. I congratulate him for his commendable efforts in web-casing Belgaum to the global community and wish him the best.—vijju.

  5. Uday, AAB has become an addiction It connects us to Belgaum, helps us reach out to friends, aquaintances and Belgaumites, gives us an opportunity to instigate latent thought into probable action, makes us feel nostalgic & gives us insights about things we barely knew…… this is a wonderful effort on your part…..

  6. Uday,
    I am a big fan of allaboutbelgaum.com and this is my 1 stop reference for belgaum. I know that any news that happens in belgaum gets featured on ur site.. so why read it anyplace else? Good job. Keep it up. Wishing you all the success in life.

  7. All About Belgaum goes way beyond an ordinary blog. It is a newsletter, daily journal, diary, and magazine all rolled into one. Uday has skillfully managed to build an entire community of worldwide readers and contributors with his colorful and informative blog. I sincerely hope he continues to keep up the great site.

    Mrs. Shobhan Bantwal
    Author and proud former Belgaum-ite

  8. Great work by Uday has done.He is like an encyclopedia of Belgaum .the quality of work done by hi is matchless and surely feel he will not stop here there's lot more expected from him,because this is just a beginning.Knowing his abilities w can expext a lot more from him…………………….

  9. Hi Uday
    U r doing great job keep it up May God bless u we love to read all details of our home town
    thank u very much
    Ujwal Joshua Aralikatti

  10. Starting a new business is nerve wracking at the best of times let alone when you are designing the website that will carry your message to the masses. Uday and his team has made the whole process easy.
    I wanted to write to tell you how pleased I am with the website you have created for all of us to be in touch with the city, the place we always think of.
    We were always looking for something to keep in touch with day-to- day activities happening back there and now with your website I can definitely say we have GOT IT….
    I am just overwhelmed at the generosity of your website!
    It has been so informative and inspiring to all ages. All the pages on your website are very thought fully designed so that no sector is untouched. It not only brings us together from all part/corners of the world but also gives platform for all the local people, business you mention on the website(for e.g.; Waxworks) and thus, I think will make Belgaum a IT literate in all aspects. It also showcases the young talent and their achievements which makes all others to think in the way of success.
    I’m thoroughly impressed with the articles, efficiency and ability to keep all of us updated in timely fashion. Many thanks to AllAboutBelgaum Team. Wish you luck.

    Harshada (USA)

  11. Hi,

    Uday's exemplary efforts in building and maintaining such an informative and entertaining site on Belgaum is worthy of praise and emulation. There's never a dull moment on the site. He has rendered great service to the Belgaum brand and Belgaum cause. May he take his site and our beloved Belgaum city to greater heights in the Years Ahead.

  12. Uday u are doing an excellent job, by keeping updated The Great Belgaum news and its stories to all the Belgaumites spread all over the globe. Your blog is a window to everyone who wish to know and read about The Great Belagum. Keep up the good work going.

  13. GREAT WORK. Uday is going all the way to promote Belgaum as a brand. Today AAB is read in 132 countries!!!!! Way to go Uday!!!!!

  14. Great Guy, very lively and its an absolute delight to meet him in person. Uday has done what we can only dream about. With a huge reader base to AAB, Belgaum as brand is now on the world map. Thanks to Uday again – We formed the IT Belgaum group http://www.itbelgaum.com . I wish him best of everything in his Life! Good luck Uday. Keeping it going…

  15. Hello Uday,

    This site is a one stop info of all the happening news in belgaum

    Great site, and keep up the good work our support is always there with you.

  16. The Intiater for the small blog which went to become a huge blog could have not been possible without dedication for creating awareness about belgaum and what is happening even before news is out in news papers and television.
    I have personally know Uday for around 6 years (or more) but a person with just good abilities as leading, taking intiatives and much more made Uday an amatuer blogger.
    Thanks Uday for taking such a Intiative to make our life simple by giving us the quick info about belgaum.

  17. dear uday,
    It has become a habit of visiting ABB when i log in and surf.
    It was nice to be on AAB as a star of belgaum
    well many commented on mail that they know me as Geeta Prabhu
    My maiden name. but never thought that i am Madhuri Shanbhag.
    that was nice
    To hear from past students was also a pleasure.
    Shobhan Koppikar (Bantwal)was my hostelmate in Dharwar
    I read her book.
    Uday can u post it in AAB news that GSS College was Re-Accredited by NAAC peer Teamat “A” grade. Bcoz many visiters to this site may be GSS past students.And they will be happy to know.
    anybody wants to be GSS alumni association member, he/she can visit
    Since i am in Belgaum, I know almost all the news and ppl about which u write.
    My children abroad always visit this site
    Keep it uo!!
    Madhuri Shanbhag

    • Hi Geeta,

      Guess who this is? Shirin remember me? Just happened to visit GSS website and was plesently surprised to see you as the Principal there. Congratulations!! It is such a woderful site to visit get get all the news about Belgaum. I have been in Houston, Tx and visited Belgaum last April. Write back it will be fun to keep in touch. Shirin Deshpande(Bhadbhade)

  18. For me AAB is a Multiplexed holographic collections (memories, information, stories, personalities, antiques………….) of my home town BELGAUM.

    Following are few of my AAB most favorite posts:

    # Those days of school Shenga Vattane Limlet.
    # Belgaum young guns.
    # Belgaum Kotekere Panoramic View
    # Which city is this?

    Great job Uday. Keep it up.

    Thanks & regards,

  19. In short, I can say allaboutbelgaum.com is our very own Belgaum’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting as Uday as its minister 

    Great job !!

  20. I have known Uday (founder/CEO of AAB) since the mid-1980s studying together in St Pauls, Belgaum. He has always been fascinated with socio-political issues; particularly conscious about the role of civics and law. After school, I have closely observed him organize our batch's reunions where he showed an immense level sensitivity and efficiency. He brings these same valuable qualities to his blogging. In addition, his extensive bussiness and leadership experiences offer him an unique opportunity to network among Belgaumites, which is meaningfully reflected in the content of his blog. Beyond providing news, "All About Belgaum" is helping build bridges, tearing down social divides, and providing a platform for improving Belgaum's prospects for a better future.

  21. Dear Uday and UR Team,

    Impressed! Good pioneering efforts!

    I am sure because of which Belgaum and Belgaumites will get truly recognized – that is long overdue for a truly Cosmo City though small in size – but then “small is beautiful”, so is Belgaum indeed!

    AAB has become a link for to Belgaum, helps to reach out to friends, aquaintances and gives an opportunity to know what is happening, feel nostalgic and gives us insights about things barely known……

    Best Wishes!

    Dr. Neeta Baporikar

  22. Uday,
    We know him right for many years, an all round person be it organising and managing events,Students' activities in college etc. Very intelligent in managing people and an excellent compere as well (as I saw him in 1999 as a compere of a Students' Fest).

    So has he utilised his skills (including Technical skills) to keep Belgaumites informed of all the happenings in our Sweet Little Town through this Web site-AAB.
    The coverage etc. of AAb is really informative and above all it is actually "Relevant".
    The most exciting stuff of which I like is "Identifying a place situated in Belgaum" .
    Keep it up Uday !

  23. If you want to know the buzz about belgaum, allaboutbeglaum is the place to go.

    Uday is prolific and very discerning.

    best wishes to the best website about belgaum

    Anilkumar Garag
    Belgaum Institute of Management Studies

  24. AAB is just that site which is informative, innovative, impressive and always surprising the Belgaumites with new information about the city that one has never thought about. As some one put it visiting AAB has become a part of my daily process….. which is what a real 'product' designer wishes to be. I had opportunity to work with Uday after relocating to Belgaum and IT-Belgaum is one his pet project which took to wings recently. I hope we will keep discovering Belgaum more and more in coming days through AAB and cheers to one man, Uday, who made it all.

  25. Hi Uday

    I've said it before, AAB is an absolutely super site, especially for Belgaumites. It has become a daily-read for me. Amazing work. Keep it going – you have a lot of fans across the globe!

    All the very best!
    Morris Vaz

  26. Hi govind, yep i too am a regular visitor of AAB. It is nice to read of our good old belgaum and remember our growing up days in camp.

  27. AllAboutBelgaum Team is doing a commendable work – in this era of information technology where most of the websites are interested, created and maintained on the premise that "information is power or money" – this site of uday is refreshing!

    I am a regular websurfer for more than two decades been using the IT sources. I am a regular visitor/reader of allaboutbelgaum postings and I find the premise of this site is totally based on creating awareness and promoting both the individual (Belgaumite) and city (Belgaum) development.!

    Indeed a noble effort and I applaud it wholeheartedly!

    Best Wishes to all at allaboutbelgaum.com

    Dr. Neeta Baporikar

  28. hi
    its really great to know so many things we ought to know thro one click,(AAB link) its fantastic work, you have structured a wonderful blog.Thanks

  29. Hi Uday,
    Great job ! I got to know this website through my friend today and i was amazed to see so much of information about our Belgaum.
    It was a nice journey into the old memories and at the same time it was very impressive to know regarding the fast development and changes taking place at Belgaum.

  30. Being far away in a foreign land we keep missing Belgaum, our family and friends, often starved of happenings and news of my hometown. AAB took care of this missing link…..now we get to know whats happening and it feels like we are home..well almost.

    Well done Uday and AAB…. take a bow Uday, you deserve it. All the best mate and keep the AAB flag flying. Cheers.

    Mushtaq Ahmed

  31. Hi Uday, This is a great website. Please keep this website going. I am curious to know if this is your regular job or you do this for fun? I am impressed with the amount of time and energy you put in gathering and putting together the contents if this is not your regular job. Amazing. A few suggestions, would you be trying to start a belgaum restaurant review section where readers can contribute to the reviews and rate the restaurant based on quality, price, service etc. It will be a great addition to this site under Lifestyle. Readers of this website are mature enough to write fair reviews. Thanks.

  32. Hi uday very nice work….
    Netizen idea rocks…. hope i can contribute in what ever way possible.
    another suggestion can we (using 'WE" as i feel i m already hooked to this website) have a section called photo gallery wherein we can have a slide show type of viewing and the netizens can also contribute to it…

    regards and hope to have a bright connection witt the BLOG.

    Fahim Hafeez Bepari
    [email protected] http://www.fahimbepari.wordpress.com

  33. Hi Uday
    Thank you, as your site provides me and my family all that we need to know about BGM.

    Keep up the GOOD WORK!

    Best Wishes to AAB Team

    Shobha Shivakumar

  34. Dear Uday,
    it was indeed a pleasure to come to know about this site. I have many sweet memories of the city. I will try my level best to spread the news to all my contacts.
    Deepak Rajukar

  35. AAB is my preferred source for news, updates and info on Belgaum. More often than not, AAB is the first to break news that matters to the citizens of Belgaum. Besides news, Uday's focus on events happening in and around Belgaum and his attention to detail on everything that he writes, publishes and contributes is beyond compare. AAB's unbiased, upfront and uncut journalism has made sure a lot of Belgaumites like me have AAB fed into our RSS readers. Jai ho!


  37. Hi Uday!
    Congratulations for your hard on AAB. Through this site one can know what happenings in Belgaum.We all Belgaumites supports you for your great effort and i hope in future AAB will grow like Mammoth… Very all the Best.

  38. Dear Uday, I refer this blog whenever I need to update me with Belgaum news. Could you just pull out an article on the dwindling population of Goans in Belgaum. That people have just vanished. The were the salt of Belgaum culture. In the 1970's I remember seeing them in hundreds. If you can arrange/re-print an article of "Goans of Belgaum through last 200 years" may help old timers like me to quench the thirst of nostalgia.

  39. Your effort has made we people of BELGAUM proud . U have done good , and this is the single platform to express and share all about BELGAUM , More over I am proud to say that I am the TENTH head of the SAINT HAZARAT SAYED UMAR IDRUS BASHEBAN (rh) situated at Bhendi Bazar, Belgaum. and BELGAUM is a holy & safe place in the world , I am sure all would agree , where ever we may be.Finally one wants to return back to BELGAUM., We are proud BELGAUMITES.

  40. Mr Uday,thanks a lot for giving such a wondeful site,we can know every happenings of Belgaum city,you have added almost all required information.This is helping to infinite people to know Belgaum city..plz keep it, all the best..


  42. Your efforts are instant on all the happenings. Which shows your efforts, your work is remarkable and much much Appreciated.
    More over I have closed many positions through AAB Jobs for Ably Business Solutions.
    Thanks for bringing this to us.
    AAB Rocks 😉

    Akhil Kittur
    Co – Founder & Managing Partner @ Ably Business Solutions.

  43. your website is meaningful i liked ur work nd its a model to others…good..wish u d best.. keep moving with a success…..thanku…

  44. Kudos to your excellent work in educating us with the recent developments in and around Belgaum city. I , being far away but a belgaumite by my heart love to know about the happenings in the city and about the city too. A commendable job indeed…I am sure all Belgaumites are proud of your service to the Belgaumites in your own way. The recent write up and the pictures of the winter session in Suwarna Vidhan Soudh in Belgaum was great. Reading everyday about the news and current affairs in Belgaum makes me connected to my native land. Thank you very much and God bless…!!

  45. Having a website is one thing and updating it frequently is completely different thing which AAB has done really well..
    Thanks for keeping Bgmites updated.
    Keep up the good work!

  46. Dear Mr Uday ,

    This is really something great which is happening here I am from Belgaum but to be very honest no affinity since haven’t spent much time in Belgaum I have been travelling to different places and city as Kid and now due to work stay out of Belgaum. All said and done I will prefer Belgaum any time.

    I had few suggestions

    1) The web site could use more dynamic pages ( i.e something more of places, attractions, mention of places which are famous for something or other maybe a small bakery or a misal pav joints)

    2) You could have members who can contribute through articles more sort of e reporters

    3) This could be a platform to talk about successful entrepreneur’s in Belgaum

    4) Talking more of events, conducting events ( Like i have seen many people with great amazing photographs on the platform – Asking them to conduct like a Photography Race and they can give talk on dos and dont of photography)

    5) Making AAB itself as a Brand and selling it as an idea

    This is just my personal opinion; Nevertheless its always pleasure what AAB is posting next.

  47. you really deserve great appreciation, for the updates you give about belgaum. though i stay and study in banglore, this page keeps me close to belgaum, and makes me feel at home. thank you for your initiatives, giving the up to date news and happening about belgaum. i never miss reading the posts on all about belgaum. i must really appreciate your job. thank you. and keep updating. all the best
    my name: salvador ([email protected])

  48. ಬೆಳಗಾವಿ ನಗರದ ಆಶಾಕಿರಣ,आशा किरण,Hope,
    ಕೆಸರಿನಲ್ಲಿ ಅರಳಿದ ಕಮಲ,कीचड़ में कमल खिलने,Blooming lotus in the Mud,

    ಬೆಳಗಾವಿಯ ಆಗುಹೋಗುಗಳ ಕನ್ನಡಿ,बेलगाम दर्पण,Belgaum Mirror,


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