Belgaum Trivia 6


Here is the 6th Quiz.

Where is Shivteerth?

Name this place? dukan

Name the road on which the Civil Hospital (district) hospital is situated?

Raja Lakhangouda Law College is run by which society?

If one needs to call an ambulance which number does one call-

Which temple is situated in Sanyukta Maharastra Chowk?

Nana Shanker Seth Marg is popularly known as


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  1. Dear editor,
    Your Belgaum trivia are good source of info about past belgaum landmark. In my opinion you questions are biased towads the main city and covers very little about the suburbs.
    There many old names of suburbs which are not in use ( Hosatti -Khasbag), Jr Kurundwad and the rama palace in Madhawpur Vadagoan – Vadagoan.
    Hope you will broden the scope of trivia and make new belgaum gen know these small things.


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