Wise Riders


Wise Riders is a traffic awareness and road safety campaign planned by Rotary Club of Belgaum. This year long mission scale project is the main thrust project for Rotary Club of Belgaum commemorating their 75th year.wise rider belgaum belagaviwi

In wake of serious road accidents happening in and around the Belgaum city, rising disregard for rules, lawlessness, and lack of proper training in driving itself triggered this social awareness campaign. We are a young country and Belgaum too has huge number of students who need to be educated and groomed well for a better world and better lives. It’s been observed in recent years that youth is continuously rebelling against traffic rules, deeming it “cool” behaviour, which is not cool at all. To break this pattern, it became important to educate young people, push them towards road discipline and encourage them to be responsible for their own road safety as well as others. This need was greatly understood by Rotary Club of Belgaum and this project was envisioned.


To serve such a great need Wise Riders campaign is being executed as an integrated media campaign on a mission scale. Rotary has prepared for both traditional and non-traditional ways to reach its audience.

Social media being one of the greatest places for saying the say, there will be consistent attempts to reach people with necessary information which either doesn’t reach them or poorly advertised, such as basic elementary traffic rules, road sign and their significance. To encourage audiences’ participation there will be polls and debates, people will be upload their own stories of traffic related incidences and a comic series to tell a story which revolves around traffic awareness and its influences on life itself.

In its traditional program, Rotary has tied up its bonds with major educational institutes and government agencies which will cooperatively run a series of on ground activities. Traffic awareness videos will be played at several cinema theatres, Educational seminars will be arranged in colleges, Licence Camps will be arranged at places to help students acquire licences with proper training, small activations and skits will be played on roads and signals, and occasional rallies will be arranged to celebrate the support of people.

An extensive module is also designed which will be adopted by some of the colleges to make Traffic Awareness and Road Safety as part of their curriculum. All this effort is made by Rotary to ensure there will be no blindfolds and no unopened eyes.




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