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Belagavi, India
Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Over 100 well grown trees cut in Jadhav Nagar Hanuman Nagar

We have been posting many stories of various organistation taking up plantation activities in the city in a bid to make the city more...
cotpa traffic fine

COTPA violation fine imposed for Traffic violations

The cigarettes and other tobacco products act (COTPA, 2003) is a Act prohibits smoking of tobacco in public places, except in special smoking zones in hotels,...

No Dudhsagar visits this year as well?

The Dudhsgar Falls have become inaccessible owing to restrictions imposed at the nearby railway station by Indian Railways. In order to enable tourists to...

Rakaskopa reservoir at its lowest level

The lowest level recorded since 33 years as per the input given by the oldest staff working in Rakkasakoppa since 33years was recorded on...

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Runtastic after a successful Marathon run

Passion for Running brings us together

Running is an essential part of our being. Running by yourself can be lonely and boring, even with the most carefully curated playlist. It...

It’s raining discounts

The overcast skies and the elusive rain may have dug a pit in many a stomach of the Belgaumites, but have a stroll around...

Three roads to be renamed after Rajiv Gandhi Siddaramaiah BSY in Belagavi

As recently as April 2015, the government told Parliament that 1975 guidelines did not allow the names of existing roads to be changed. But...
piped-gas belagavi cng png

City to get PNG CNG soon under Smart city

CNG stations will be started in Belagavi district Household will get PNG connections in Belagavi district MEIL (Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd.) Has been awarded the...
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Movies as on 24-06-2016

Inox Chandan Independence Day: Resurgence (UA) English, 3D 09:05 AM 11:40 AM 02:15 PM 07:00 PM 09:35 PM The Conjuring 2 (A) English, 2D 10:15 AM 09:33 PM 7...