Vintage tank in middle of society; stands as a mute spectator still fighting against time

love dale belagavi


Vintage Tank in Belgaum
Vintage Tank in Belgaum

This tank can be seen on the outskirts of RC Nagar i.e Beyond Guru Prasad Colony on the way to Mandolli village. I don’t know how it has come to be there nor do I have any more idea about it. I am trying to get more info on the same.

Bella Vista Belagavi

 Photo Courtesy: Cijoy [http:[email protected]/]Post processing on this image done in Photoshop by Nikky Abraham.



  1. Can anyone pls point out the locations of these tanks on googleearth? I’m in Bangalore and would like to go and see these in person someday. but for now googleearth should do just fine… Moreever it will help in locating these whenever I can manage the time for a bgm visit

  2. i have seen another. just after macche industrial estate, you trun right towards what was formely nandi cemicals, now taken over by oilgear towler [ployhydron group], baman wadi cross. you go down the dirt road for about 3/4km you see a similar tank – it is said that these two tanks were abondend at the time of goa libration ie 1961

  3. Actually , there is another tank near it . those 2 tanks are facing each other as if they are going to attack each other

  4. hi,

    This tank I think is the one that is below the watve colony on the left hand side of the mandoli road.

    well there is one more beyond bammanwaDi near piranwaDi. Both these have been discarded at the same time looks like..