Over 100 well grown trees to be cut in Jadhav Nagar Hanuman Nagar

We have been posting many stories of various organistation taking up plantation activities in the city in a bid to make the city more greener and better to live for the generations to come. Now have a look at this over 100 trees are being chopped from NCC Office on double road at Hanuman nagar to Ganesh temple at Hindlaga by this evening.

Bella Vista Belagavi

trees-cut trees-cut trees-cutTrees planted a couple of years ago on the divider on double road are being chopped to plant other sapling for this year’s vanamahosthava. Sources say the trees were chopped by order…
Someone else said precautionary measure for electricity… You dont trim a tree from the bottom.
Who gave the order? 
Has the Forest Department cleared this cutting of trees ? 
Does it have any logic to cut 2 year old trees which have sufficiently grown and can grow on their own now. 



  1. AAB need your help here…. please highlight this and help to get the answer.
    Reason is the one who involved in the activity should be punished.

  2. These is our country India here
    anything can happen
    no shockingssss please!!!
    being agricultural country we import
    all agricultural produce
    being 2nd largest country in the world
    yet we
    Have costliest labour
    on top of that politicians and government servants are like kings
    with tons of bribe they take without
    any fear of public that too with demands
    So dont loose hope of ACHEE DIN!!!!

  3. Utter Nonsense by the authority in charge. . First and foremost there should have been no cutting of trees. They need explain this.