COTPA violation fine imposed for Traffic violations

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The cigarettes and other tobacco products act (COTPA, 2003) is a Act prohibits smoking of tobacco in public places, except in special smoking zones in hotels, restaurants and airports and open spaces.
The Belagavi police who we guess are on the month end target of collecting fines under various heads have fined Traffic violators for not having PUC and Helmets under the COTPA act and issued fine receipts for the same under the act.

Now the question is if there has been a traffic violation then why was a fine receipt issued under COTPA ?

cotpa traffic fine The incident came to light this morning on 29-6-2016 when a commuter on a two wheeler was stopped near Udyambag circle and was asked to produce his vehicles documents by the Cops on duty.
The commuter showed the Driving license, RC card and insurance papers. Then the Cops asked for PUC (pollution) and Why he was not wearing a helmet.
So the cops said pay fine of Rs.100 and handed over to him this receipt under COTPA.
The question here the commuter must be fined as he has violated the law but it is also his right to get a receipt for the fine he has committed.
It so happened that the parents of the commuter saw all this and asked him to show why he was fined. They saw the receipt and yelled on him that he was caught smoking and hence he was fined.
It was very difficult for him to convince the parents that it was a traffic violation and not under COTPA.

Why the police issued such a receipt only they can tell and also what if the parents were not convinced and the boy would have acted wrongly and harmed himself who would have been responsible for this?

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  1. This should be brought to the notice of the higher authority. I am not against the fine or traffic violation. But at least the correct receipt should have been given to the violator. Still there are hundreds driving with a driving license or helmets and proper documents.


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