No Dudhsagar visits this year as well?

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The Dudhsgar Falls have become inaccessible owing to restrictions imposed at the nearby railway station by Indian Railways. In order to enable tourists to get a glimpse of this glorious waterfall, the tourism department of Goa has urged the Railway Ministry to improve connectivity to the spot.

dudhsgarFor the Second year Dudhsagar water falls now cannot be accessed by the rail trek as the SW Railways has declared this as dangerous and prohibited tourists from walking on the track.
Currently no trains stop at Dudhsagar.
It is observed that a large number of people access the Dudhsagar falls by traveling on goods train or by trekking alongside the railway track or alighting from express train with unscheduled stoppage.
Trekking on railway track is an offense and would be liable to punishable under sections 147, 151,152, 153 of the Railways act 1989.

Unlawful entry into goods train/engine/express is also punishable under sections 147,156 of
the Railways act 1989.

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