LPG cylinder refill how much extra did u pay

In a democratic India, all have their say and the common man is the only one who has nothing to say as no one cares to listen to his voice.

Bella Vista Belagavi

How many of you have seen the receipt of the LPG refill you took this month. The amount mentioned on the receipt should be Rs.413.

And how much did you eventually pay the delivery man, we guess more than that for sure. Normally Rs.420. Are we Correct?

When asked why that extra Rs.7 the delivery man said that, he had to get the cylinders from Mazgaon and that cost is not added hence we need to pay Rs.420.

Receipt shows Rs.413

The Govt. of India says “Jago Grahak Jago” and its own oil marketing companies dont follow it.

According to law one should not pay more than Rs.413 in this particular case. The house wifes say that, as they dont have exact change they tend to give 415, but this time the man said that, you will have to pay Rs.420 nothing less. Sometimes even the delivery men threaten to take back the cylinder if the entire amount is not paid (420).

Just calculate this LOOT. Rs.7 per cylinder. If we assume atleast 10,000 cylinders are sold each day that makes it a whopping Rs.70,000 per day.(this is just an assumption and we are not sure of the exact figure)

Now our question where does this Rs.70,000 go?

If you say I will complain etc, he will ask “Cylinder chiaye ya nahi jaldi bolo, mere pass faltu time nahi hai”.

The whole country is fighting against corruption, but whats this who will fight this?

The government had enough powers to initiate action against erring LPG distributors, including cancellation of their agency in such cases. But who will do it?

The LPG distributor, even if he hears to you this time, the next time you want to book a refill he will harass you.

If you complain to the oil marketing companies, a standard reply will come, “No one is authorized to collect more money than the administered price. Now that you have brought this to our notice we will look into it”.


I know each one of you has paid Rs.420 but could not raise your voice, nor could we. But may be if all come together some one might hear you.

Please leave your comments. If you are not sure ask some home…. Please leave comments lets see if possible if we have many comments we could send this page only to the some authority as a complaint.




  1. Look at the supplier’s credentials at their dealership (HP/IOC) websites. They also cheat by showing that deliveries are made within 72 hours, In practice what they do is cancel your refill order and make you to re-register refill thereby showing compliance. How many times did you have to book cylinder twice or how many times did you notice that your booking reference number has changed (done intentionally) to suit the agency? As responsible citizens it is our duty to stand up to such corrupt practices.

  2. yes its everywhere and we should stop it.
    in pune they take extra 20 rs…
    and if gives reasons of dilivery charges.

  3. 2 times I complaint about this … but what I gt in reply is shocking … They ask mi to keep change while taking gas cylinder …. They just ignored the fault of their employee … They just ignored the miss behaviour of that employee … and all dey said is mam please keep change while you are taking the gas cylinder … today as well the same vendor came and directly asked mi to give 530 rupees …. while on the receipt it is clearly mentioned 522.50 rupees … I gave him 523 rupees …. After that he asked for more money … He said ” maine aapko 530 denko bola ” … actually the cylinder was my uncles not mine …. no one was der at home so he asked mi to collect the same …. …He know mi well caz I made a complaint once …and refused to pay him extra money … today when I collect it on my uncles behalf …. He said ” tum paisaa nai dete to dusreko bhi dene nai doge kya ” …. That guy don’t have manners how to talk he always talk like he is Don …. Some actions should be taken against this ….

  4. Yes I am very much bothered by this problem. I am customer of ABR gas agency. My bill charge is RS. 525 but they received Rs. 590. If this is correct why they don’t give bill for this extra charges. This type of burden comes only to common people like us.

  5. Gas distriboutrous don’t paying original commision & goverment facilityes.same problem all india.i am a indane deliveryman i know this all problem.company allso known this problem but no solution.

  6. सेलेन्डर वाले ज्यादा रुपये क्यू लेते है
    590 का सेलेन्डर तो 650 ;640;630;620 कम से कम
    ये अधिक रुपये क्यू
    नहीँ दो तो सेलेन्डर नहीँ देते
    क्या किया जाये ?

  7. Why the Oil companies are keeping MUM on this issue. Why don’t they publish on news papers that “NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES OTHER THAN BILL AMOUNT TO BE PAID FOR GAS CYLINDERS”. Such advertisements only can help the customers to come out of this type of LOOT!! Are the companies dare enough to do the ads!

  8. when i question about extra amount the fellow questions us back. and each time he will bring the cylinder when iam in my office its real harassment by the delivery man if i give my tents he takes more than 30 rs extra ajit enterprises in hyderguda rajendra nagar hp dealer

  9. Yes it’s true. Now it’s becoming common to give extra money without asking the reason. When I looked into the bill, Rs.700 is quoted including delivery charges. But they are collecting Rs.720. When I asked people, they said “they are not collecting for me only. they collected from all. If I have only charged, I will ask, why should I ask if everyone is paying”.
    I’m shocked with this answer. Everyone is saying this. It’s us who encourages them. They will not collect if everyone refuses to pay. But who will initiate this.

    Government should take initiative to give awareness to all. The gas agencies should fire the employees, if they received complaints about this. The gas agencies should be fined if they didn’t take proper action. We can’t go to court regarding this. Everyone is facing this problem. So our voice must be heard in some deaf ears. Government should form regulation committee on this, because it’s a crores of crores business, if we consider whole India. We don’t need the black money from swiss now. We need a strong committee which controls this type of daylight robbery.

  10. Yes its true the delivery boy charged extra amount (10 rupees to 40 rupees) for home delivery. The gas amount no receipt is including all charges, than why we to pay the extra charges

    • where to complaint ?on the bill shows 574.72
      +21.28=596. delivery man ask 650RS..no one know why. they says delivery charge 50Rs total 54 Rs they take extra out of the bill. Fathima Gas Service kovalam.

  11. Printed price on receipt for one gas cylinder is Rs 648, but supplier took Rs 690. If I ask why I have to pay extra? he told for bringing cylinder to home he told. Oh my god extra 42 rupees why should we pay? This cheating of people. But who is cheating government or middle persons………

  12. Yaa this type of problem we are also suffering in gonda gas ajency. And they not delivered gas cylinder right time it takes 3 or 4 months and when we go for complain say go here and there.charges extra money and says that they will not give u cylinder if u dont pay their convencing charge but they did not bring our cylinder we ll have to go self with self convence. This is not right plz do someting .