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Voters list

All those who have attained the age of 18 years as on January 1, 2012 and residing in assembly constituencies of Belgaum North and Belgaum South can enroll their names in the electrol rolls (Voters list) by filling form No.6 at the office of the Commissioner, City Corporation Belgaum.

This would be available upto January 15.

Find if your name is already there in the Voters list:

Bella Vista Belgaum

Belgaum Uttar

Belgaum Dakshin

Belgaum Rural


  1. Subhash Hallolli

    Sir please give detail my election card which i have submitted application last month

  2. my voter id is AYS3791936
    i am unable to find the exact ward and also i checked the booth location but my no. is not there in the list.

    • well if u r name is not there in the list u cant vote but u can complain about the same look out for voter facilitation
      centres in u r ward

  3. I would like to de-enroll from the Belgaum Electoral Roll and transfer it to Mumbai where I am presently residing.I would like to know the procedure for the same

  4. I want to de-enroll my name from the electoral roll of Belgaum and want a transfer to Mumbai where I am presently residing.I would like to know the procedure for the same.

  5. Searched the internet and downloaded the "Arial Unicode MS" font. Now it is displaying correctly.

    Anyway thanks for the link….

  6. Is the list available in English or Marathi language anywhere???

  7. please upload name list in english…..

  8. The link is fine but the pdf file when downloaded displays font error i.e. "Cannot find or create the font 'ArialunicodeMS,Bold some characters may not display or print correctly ".

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