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Elections 2023: Congress promises 200 units of electricity to all households

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The Karnataka Congress has made its first election promise, with Congress Chief DK Shivakumar announcing that every household in the state will receive 200 units of free electricity each month if the party comes to power in 2023. At the Prajadhwani Yatra meeting in Chikkodi in Belagavi district on Wednesday, January 11, Shivakumar asserted that Karnataka must have a government that cares for the people in the face of rising costs of basic necessities and unemployment.

“The INC government in Karnataka will provide 200 units of power, free of charge, to every home in Karnataka to help Kannadigas combat the rising prices of goods and services and save up for necessities such as food, education for children and healthcare,” Shivakumar said. He also accused the BJP of mismanaging the COVID-19 pandemic and for a sharp increase in the cost of necessities, as well as for the increase in farmer suicides, school dropouts, and unemployment.

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Ahead of the Assembly elections in Karnataka, the state Congress unit on January 10, announced its campaign tour titled ‘Prajadhwani’ yatra which began on January 11. The Congress also released a ‘Paapada Purana’ (saga of sins) or chargesheet on the BJP government. To further engage the public, the party launched a website named, asking people to share their aspirations to help formulate the party’s manifesto.

Congress has made a number of promises to the Hyderabad-Karnataka region, including 200 units of free electricity, a budget allocation of Rs 5,000 crore, and the filling of all vacant positions within the first nine months. Furthermore, the party has pledged Rs 2 lakh crore for all pending irrigation projects, the completion of the third phase of the Upper Krishna Lift Irrigation project, the implementation of the Sadashiva Committee report on internal reservation for the Scheduled Caste category, and two acres of dry land to every landless SC/ST family. These promises are sure to bring much-needed relief and progress to the region.

2 thoughts on “Elections 2023: Congress promises 200 units of electricity to all households”

  1. Will the money for the free electiricity come from the swiss bank account of DK Shivakumar? NO. Its the tax payers who will have to give the money from their salary and savings account. Which will make the common man have less money for necessities such as food, education for children and healthcare.

    And we will have to suffer for someone else political gain. See the political intention. Freebees are good for none except for the politicians.


    • Awareness about freebies has gained traction. Public wants capabilities and not freebies. We don’t want Karnataka turn into Srilanka.


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