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Significant Increase in Margin for Laxmi Hebbalkar since 2018

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By uday

The INC candidate and current MLA from Belagavi Rural have successfully retained her seat with an impressive margin of 56,016 votes, defeating her closest competitor, Nagesh Mannolkar of the BJP. The MES candidate, RM Chougule, came in third place.

Hebbalkar secured a total of 106,805 votes, which is only slightly more than her 2018 victory, but she has managed to maintain her lead since the first round of voting. With 52.61% of the votes, Hebbalkar emerged as the clear winner, while Mannolkar received 51,259 votes (25.23%) and Chougule secured 41,362 votes (20.29%).

It is worth noting that Hebbalkar has not only maintained her winning margin but has also improved it slightly. Her victory is a testament to her hard work and dedication to serving her constituents.

Vote Share52.61%54.74%
Voting %78.70%77.55%

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