Active Electron Gas Saver promises fuel savings of 10 to 50%

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City based G star Green Globe have launched ‘Active Electron Gas Saver’ a device promising to save domestic/commercial LPG/PNG fuel by 10 per cent to 50 per cent for Indian markets. The product was first launched in Belagavi and later would be marketed in the entire country.

G star Green Globe have launched  ‘Active Electron Gas Saver’
G star Green Globe have launched ‘Active Electron Gas Saver’

The device turns out to be very economical; where, huge quantity of gas is being consumed in industries, Caterers, hostels, messes, domestic purpose, etc., The device could be easily installed on the gas tube between the cylinder to gas stove. The research and studies on the device has enough evidence to show that it has no side effects, cost effective and return on investment is very high. ‘Active Electron Gas Saver’ helps in complete gas combustion to which also results reduced carbon mono-oxide contain from the gas system exhaust transforming the gas burner carbon free and greener LPG and CNG burner now made possible. It reduces the smoke, carbon depositing on burners, sulphur emission etc. This also contributes to carbon free environment.
The device has been patented with Intellectual Property India, Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks on March 11, 2015. The tests were successfully conducted at the Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Bengaluru.

Active Electron Gas Saver Benefits :

  1. Eco-friendly, 100% Safe, Secure Pollution Control Device.
  2. Removes carbon from burner.
  3. Removes black smoke by 20%
  4. Gas Burner Increase power and torque by 20%
  5. Cleans carbon deposits from burner, nozzle and pipe.
  6. Gives pure and clean gas supply in gas system and gas injection system.
  7. Increase Gas Save 10 to 50%.

Active Electron Gas Saver Technical Details :

  1. It is 100% Safe.
  2. Fully aluminum body for sturdiness and long life.
  3. Light Weight & Easy to Install.
  4. No Major Changes required for installation.
  5. No Electrical connection required.
  6. operates easily on existing gas pressure and cool available in gas cylendar.
  7. Generates Active electrons through simple chemical reactions.

Operations of Active Electron Gas Saver Device :

Pollution control active electron gas charger produces activated electrons which breaks the hydro-carbon chain to a state of super properties of hydro-oxygen molecular structure neutralizing the inactive carbon chain completely to an active state and triggers the unique and stable hydrogen molecular chain. This is 100% safe and secured device which cracks or breaks the longer non activated hydrocarbon chain of the gas into smaller in sizes when it mix with charged air, and absorbed sufficient natural oxygen molecules by the inactive hydro carbon chain of the gas which leads to increase surface area of combustion and create Best possible combustion will take place With stable exhaust. This 10 To 50% of burning of gas leads to convert the entire unburned hydro carbon into complete burnt carbon and reduce the smoke, carbon depositing, sulphur emission etc.

Priced competitively at Rs. 4,000 a piece, the device would be a ideal for commercial users like hotels and restaurants, said Sandeep Tekriwal, sole distributor for the device in India at Belagavi.

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  1. Very Good Initiative!!!

    It would be very good to know the service life of the product and also if the product is approved (tested) by any governing body (ex. ISI marked).


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