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Belgaum foundry cluster – vision to make Belgaum Foundry Industry World Class, Internationally competitive and Environment Friendly

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VISION:  To make Belgaum Foundry Industry World Class, Internationally competitive and Environment Friendly.


MISSION: To provide World Class Infrastructure Facilities to the Foundry Units in and around Belgaum to make them competitive and achieve excellence of performance.bfc


Belgaum is known for its Foundry Industry. The Government of India, the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, has identified BELGAUM for creating a Cluster considering the potential of the Industry.  The objective is to strengthen the existing infrastructure and to create additional infrastructure with a view to enhance efficiency, competitiveness, raise export capabilities and make the industry environment-friendly by reducing pollution. 

This is being done to develop World Class Infrastructure under the special “INDUSTRIAL INFRASTRUCTURE UPGRADATION SCHEME “ [IIUS] of the 350 foundry units in Karnataka, one third units are located in Belgaum spread over six industrial estates producing 8000 tonnes of castings per month with export  content of Rs.45 crores.  The infrastructure bottlenecks and requirements of common facilities have hampered the proper and systematic growth of Foundry Industry in Belgaum. There is a potential for improving the quality of the product, making it cost effective and enhancing the competitiveness.bfc1

 BELGAUM FOUNDRY CLUSTER is going to be the most prestigious and useful project for BELGAUM FOUNDRYMEN AND ALLIED INDUSTRIES.



1.  To promote Green Environment through Pollution Control  and Sand Reclamation.

2. To develop a Common Website for the easy reach of the Customers.

3. To introduce Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package for the Cluster.

4. To provide required simulation software for foundries.

5. To create Training and Development facilities for Human Resource Development.

6. To enhance marketing effort by establishing International Marketing center and Display center.

7. To establish R & D laboratory and provide common quality testing.

8. To combine latest Technology and Human Skill for better performance.

9. To undertake any other activity incidental to the improvement of Quality of Foundry Industry and to make it internationally competitive.

10.    Up gradation of Physical Infrastructure: This special purpose scheme will focus on improvement and asphalting of 27 Kms roads in all six industrial estates. The lighting of roads and tree plantation alongside the road and the construction of 1680 KLD capacity water tank with pump house will be undertaken.

11.     Modern Communication & Information Center: The world-class communication center with convention hall, display center and installation of website giving details about foundry cluster and establishing global links.

12.    Common Effluent Treatment Plant:  Installation of Sand to plant to reclaim about 10,000 tons of sand every month protecting our natural resource and making our foundry industrial area environment friendly.

13.    Common Testing laboratory: Equipped with Spectrometer, Co-ordinate measuring machine to produce quality products of Global Standards.

14.    Common Tool Room Facility: The Cluster will have a Training Center to upgrade the knowledge of foundry men and allied industries. Vertical machining Center for pattern making and Software for 3D modeling and Simulation of castings to get first time right castings.

15.    Marketing Effort: A product center, arrangement of frequent exhibitions, meeting place for customers and expert advice on marketing, particularly export marketing.



Survey No. 670 (Part), Special Plot No. 1, Stockyard, Angol Industrial Estate,

Udyambag, Belgaum –590 008

Phone: +91-831-2443392        Fax : +91-831-2443392     Mobile : +91-94484-97588

E-mail: [email protected]  


3 thoughts on “Belgaum foundry cluster – vision to make Belgaum Foundry Industry World Class, Internationally competitive and Environment Friendly”

  1. Dear Uday,

    I congraulate you for publishing this great article. It is a milestone achivement for Belgaum.This may attract the MNC’s to invest in Belgaum. I request you to publish such important & interesting articles .

    As for the other mile stone ie:- Full functioning of Belgaum Airport ,is not being updated. I request you to update regarding the same.

    Warm Regards

    – S.M. NAIK-

  2. The Belgaum foundry this a big scam? this cluster is deceiving Belgaum foundry industries and Karnataka government

    Building a good building with some machines and involving in scams by raising funds from government is not the cluster development

    A year before in 2013 there was a news publication
    about Belgaum foundry cluster regarding growth of foundry industry in Belgaum .
    here is the publication-
    (BELGAUM: The Belgaum Foundry Cluster (BFC) set-up a year and a half back has brought profit for small and medium enterprises ( SMEs) involved in supplying casting to automobile, textile and general engineering companies. They have seen handsome growth within a year by using the facilities extended at BFC, which has emerged as model cluster in India and expect a further increase in their profits.
    According to BFC records, with its establishment, production of casting in Belgaum has increased by 60 percent – from 1 lakh tonne to 1.6 lakh tonne in the past one-year. Employment generation has also increased by 50 percent. Before the establishment of BFC around 8,000 people were employed in the foundry units that has now increased to around 12,000.)

    And some other news about development of foundry
    industry and cluster in Belgaum

    It is not true, in reality most of companies are losing their sales . and purchase orders are diverting to Maharashtra -have a look at development in Kolhapur industries and infrastructure provided and compare with Belgaum industries you will find out ,Belgaum industries did not show any kind of growth in foundry sector nor any development in infrastructure for industrialization as in Kolhapur since 10 years
    This is to raise the funds from government, Belgaum foundry cluster is deceiving Karnataka government and foundry industries in Belgaum it must be a big scam .these cluster people are using government facilities and funds for their personnel purposes
    Do you have any answer how much fund has been sanctioned from government for Belgaum foundry cluster and where and how it is invested

    Building a good building with some machines and and doing scams by raising funds from government is not the cluster development

    it is showing growth or development of Maharashtra (Kolhapur) foundry industry as theirs . where as actually these Belgaum foundry cluster and Kolhapur foundry clusters are competitors to each other and most of the automotive ,agriculture equipment manufacturers ,construction machinery manufactures have shifted from Belgaum to Maharashtra and developed its suppliers in Kolhapur and Maharashtra in last 5 years
    Earlier Belgaum was the only foundry sector supplier for many automotive manufacturing industries in Maharashtra and other domestic customers but now Maharastrians have installed their own foundries in Pune and Maharashtra or partnered with existing manufacturers in pune and in Maharashtra. Belgaum foundry industry is still expecting automotive manufacturers in Maharashtra to be their customers due to this expectation Belgaum industries is recruiting all Maharastrian candidates at high paid jobs and most of companies recruited maharastrians in their HR department and these HR are recruiting only maharastrians. same thing is happening in other sectors and cities in Karnataka this is the reason of unemployment in Karnataka

    In Belgaum foundry industries many of their customers developed other suppliers. Belgaum industries has very week marketing strategies and marketing skills and most of the marketing persons are bribed by maharastrians and not aiming at global customers Belgaum remained as it is since 10 years in industrialization and infrastructure development or the growth is negligible compared to other industrial cities in Maharashtra ,

    More than 10 big HPML sand casting plants of 150,000 MT capacity have been installed in Kolhapur area since 5 years where as in Belgaum only one or two still it is said that Belgaum foundry cluster is model cluster –is not true at all

    Kolhapur has developed 5 star MIDC with all the facilities before 5 years and becoming big industrial hub and Belgaum has only 2 or 3 HPML foundries and 2 to 3 madium scale machining industries and even don’t have any proper road in its industrial area,dont have any basic requirements of industrial area

    Belgaum has closed many manufacturing units in these 5 years and lost its domestic and global presence in market and Kolhapur has started many industries and shown its domestic and global presence in market
    most of the people in Belgaum foundry cluster are from Maharashtra and are involved in stealing major customer orders from Belgaum foundry industries . most of the marketing persons are either maharastrians or bribed by maharastrians. the Belgaum cluster is aiming at doing big scams by deceiving Karnataka government

    it is not the Karnataka and Maharashtra border dispute .it is the fact that how Belgaum foundry sector losing its major customer orders and unemployment in Karnataka is increasing and most of the profitable sectors are moving to other states and people in Karnataka are involved in doing scams

  3. Dear Sir,
    I am from MAHARASHTRA
    I want to go to establish in BELGAUM ,
    For foundry unit.


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