IOC invites entrepreneurs for opening new retail outlets


Indian Oil Corporation Ltd has given a Notice for Appointment of Retail Outlet Dealerships in TOI & Vijay Karnataka on 06.06.2009.

 “Indian Oil Corporation Ltd intends to set up new Retail Outlets at various locations in the state of Karnataka.” iocbunk

Most of the dealerships are in Defense, PMP (Para Military Personnel), SC, ST, Physically Handicap, Freedom Fighter, Outstanding Sports Person, Women & Open category. 

Locations under various categories include- Belgaum City,Nehru Nagar, Bogarways to Goaways, Khanapur road, Ankli- Shirguppii, Machchey, Jamboti, Nidsoshi, Chirmure Bachi,  Ugar, Nippani-Radhanagari, Saundatti, Ramdurg, Bailhongal,Manjari, Chichali, Raibagh etc. 

For Social objective Categories like SC/ST, IndianOil arrange full fledge Retail Outlets complete in respect to all facilities and also give working capital soft loans under corpus fund scheme. 

IOCL wish to publicize this vastly in all media so that all can take maximum benefit. The details can be downloaded from the website


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