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Belgaum plays a new host

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Ever wondered what it takes to deploy and manage a server on the Web?  

For the technical savvy they are Server, Bandwidth, Redundant Backup, 
Redundant Power supply, Server Management, Server Management skills 
etc to name a few.webhost_1200

In nonprofessional terms, it takes exceptional manpower round the clock and stellar infrastructure. eth1 Network Solutions a company in Belgaum  is
rendering remote server management in Linux/Unix have designed and 
deployed a web hosting venture for hosting websites for the people of 
The server is a IBM e335 make with 2.0GHz processor, 250G hard drive 
and 2G of RAM and runs the latest version of Apache (web server software), PHP and MySQL. Runs a bare minimum required for a production server and every piece of software used is compiled from source (Linux jargon -;)) for extracting every drop of performance from it.

The server is powered by two upstream Internet connections providing 
redundancy. Backup of data happens locally over the network and using 
rsync to an offshore server.

They currently provide custom plans depending on ones requirements.

Swapneel Patnekar, the founder of eth1 network Solutions says, “The 
infrastructure we have placed is exactly the thing to host Web 2.0 
websites driven by PHP/MySQL. Plus with 24/7 support, issues commonly 
found in Web Hosting companies will be resolved in blazing fast 
speeds, the local support touch will always help :-)”

The server does not run Control panel software such as cPanel/Plesk 
etc. It is a bare bones server with minimum software. Any website/
CMS (Content Management System) such as Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, and Magneto etc will run without any problems. We provide FTP access to customer to upload their data, the website can easily be managed using the web  interface provided by above-mentioned applications.

In addition, they do not run a SMTP/POP3/IMAP server to provide stability for web site performance. For email, they strongly recommend, using Google Apps for your domain. With a web-hosting package, we can migrate email for your domain to Google Apps for no additional charge.

 A web host plays a very vital role in the life and success of a Web site. You may have a wonderful website but if your server cannot withstand the traffic or is not secure, you will tend to loose all your readers as was happening with me earlier and then I shifted this blog to a better server. The bad part of the story is this blog is not hosted on his server.

 So Belgaumites, now you have a new host locally to host your websites from Belgaum which will be all over the world and Swapneel has made Belgaum proud by being the first one to host websites from Belgaum.

 For a quote on a web hosting account, contact:

Swapneel Patnekar
eth1 Network Solutions
us : (716) 941-7526
uk: (0161) 408 5776
Mobile : +91 98866 37820
Office: +91 0831 4200027
Google : [email protected]
Skype: swapneelpatnekar


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