CBI to investigate 700 crore online scam

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In the past year, nine cases have been filed in two police stations against these online scam which are basically Multi level marketing companies.

Jeevan Dhan, Swiss cash, Dollar in cash, Max growth, reliable, IQs, F S growth and many others are the companies under the scanner. These companies have gathered about 700 crores from the people giving them the illusion of making their money double or getting payments in dollars and so and so forth. Many people have invested in this and have lost everything as the company fled away. Many of the people do not come forward to complain as they think other people will laugh at them, but still go ahead and invest in such schemes.

The Belgaum police did a preliminary investigation of this matter but as the links are into others states, the State police authorities have roped in the CBI for investigation of this matter.

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