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Devi City Industrial Park approved at Vantmuri by Govt

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The State High Level Clearance Committee, chaired by the chief minister, approved the project of an industrial infrastructure project by Devi City Industrial Park Pvt. Ltd (Rs.1,149 crore and 1,000 jobs) to be established at Vantamuri village about 25 kms from Belagavi city.

Devi City Industrial Park has been given 1,054 acres of land in Vantmuri village of Hukkeri taluk in Belagavi to set up an industrial park at the cost of `1,149 crore.

Devi City Industrial Park approved at VantmuriThe project is to build the First Fully Equipped, Integrated and contiguous, Multi segment, Multi product Industrial Park in the region of Belagavi.

The Industrial park will will focus on Seven Industrial Segments namely Food processing, Fabricated metal products, electrical equipment’s, Machinery, Textiles, Automobile and automobile parts and Electronics.

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  1. The land is aquaired by governmen from land owner? If no then when the procedure is starting. And what is the cost?


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