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Goa Liberation Vintage War tank is now a Garbage Tank

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Vintage tank in middle of society; stands as a mute spectator still fighting against time, Two war Tanks can be seen on the outskirts of RC Nagar i.e Beyond Guru Prasad Colony on the way to Mandolli village.

It is lying here since ages and sources say it is lying here from 1960, when the Indian army used Belgaum(now Belagavi) as a base station to over power the Portugese in Goa. The tank has been lying there for more than 50 years now and it is a Derelict Sherman DD Tank.

tank in belagavi
Photo: Hermant Bhat

tank in belagaviBut now it has turned into a BOTTLE TANK cum Garbage Tank, where one can see bottles of beer, sachets of Gutkha, Liquor sachets, bottles all thrown inside the tank.

This is a piece of history will no longer sustain such callous attitude of the citizens.
The administration must also look into this and may be shift them to MLIRC or else where convert it into a monument or just keep in one of the circles or let it adore one of the parks, rather than making them rust here since 5 decades.

We are still not sure why even after 5 decades no one has come to shift them or remove them.

If they were used during the Goa liberation then again it is a piece of history we are rusting.

Can’t this be saved ?

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  1. If belgaum Mla’s or Army have to keep this vintage at some govt office then they can just want to spend some time and money to keep these types of war machine s

  2. Yes its a piece of history. However Goa was not liberated it was annexed by India i.e. former British colony. Liberation would have meant Goa becoming something like a modern day Singapore.


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