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Who will stop the Loot at CBT two wheeler parking- now min Rs. 15

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Citizens are looted at so many places by the contractors and lack of knowledge of the exact fees they end up paying more sometimes double to triple of the actual paring fee.

Have a look at this incident –
Veeren goes to the CBT Belagavi to park his bike. He is handed over a parking ticket with his bike number mentioned but NO FEE is mentioned.

Parking lot with hundreds of vehicles at Belgaum CBT

The guy at the helm of affairs asks for Rs.15.

When Veeren confronted as to how is it Rs.15 when nothing is written on the ticket, the guy says

साहब लिखके चाहिये तो गाडी लेके जाओ.

You park the vehicle for an hour or more Rs.15 is being charged.

When he argued more, the answer was

साहाब मुझे डरा राहें हो क्या।।।। क्या बी करो Rs.15. देवो

So this is the state of affairs in this city. As per the tender agreement board must be placed with the prescribed fees.
Now the question is this going on with collusion of officials or is it that the contractor is making merry as no officials are looking at it.

Many would argue this is a small issue, but with the number of vehicles parked, atleast 1000 a day the contractor makes thousands which he is not supposed to.

According to the data AAB has the parking fees are as follows from 17-06-2016. We are not sure if the same have been revised.

cbt-parking-feeNow the question is Who will stop this Loot?
We as citizens have the right to ask questions but we always dont ask, so we need to ask….

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  1. Those parking person are taking advantage of authority given to them. Of course they know ppl who come to park their vehicles will b in hurry or tired from journey n they will not spend time on arguing for small amount like RS 15/- n if anyone does argue, then all d person of the parking area will start speaking against d arguing person or threaten using absurd language. I want to tell everyone tat, Every penny we earn is out of our hard work! So learn to fight for ur right!!!!


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