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In my FIR (First Investigation Report) series, I review the newly opened shops, in the same series, here’s Reliance Fresh, Khanapur Road, Belgaum.fir


The frontage of the Fresh outlet is big and about 5 cars can be parked in front and about 30 odd two wheelers can be accommodated in front of the outlet it self. Others will have to find place to park cars along side of the road, which is possible as there is space after the road. However, there is no security guard on duty and hence there is a huge chance of your car being trapped in between a few others, as was mine today.


Ambience, great, with the AC was on even when there was load shedding was a plus point, presentation and layout similar to other outlets. Left to right: Vegetables, fruits, grains, toiletries, cosmetics, and confectioneries.


No much discounts or offers as seen in Big Bazaar but a few were there which is company given so they are available at your next door kirarna store also. I just overheard a announcement of a Special offer of icecream.


Now to the pricing: I was amazed with the pricing of vegetables, which I really thought were not so Fresh, all vegetables.
See the image for a price comparison done on 04-11-2008. The prices were taken by me first hand at Fresh and then at the 1st Gate vegetable market. You see and decide. Only the prices of Potato and Tomatoes were less than those of Fresh prices, in all others Fresh prices were lower, in freshratesfact far lower. But to add to this the vegetables in the market were far more Fresh looking than those in Fresh outlet. Therefore, the price comparison may differ. I did not buy vegetables in Fresh outlet but bought a few at the market. Tough I spent Rs.300 at Fresh it was all Biscuits, chocolates & Cosmetics. The prices in the main market would be cheaper by about Rs.3-5 in which case those prices would be lower than those of Fresh also.

In addition, there was a variety of goods like food grains, cosmetics, blankets, towels, mats, cushion covers and of course carbonated beverages and stuff.


I was there at 6.30pm and was not so crowded as still many do not know about it. I also saw a few next-door neighbors of Fresh shop there. The 2nd outlet at Hotel Hanuman, near JNMC is also operational.


Your thoughts on this please, if anyone of you had been there your comments on the same.

Bottom line:  Visit once at least, you will end up buying something that is for sure.

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