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Swapneel Patnekar started from a home-office setup in 2007 and named it eth1 Network Solutions and is currently situated in a fully furnished state of the art office at Belgaum Bhavan Kelkar Bag, Belgaum. With leased lines and backup facilities they are ready to serve the clients in USA and UK. They have a training office at Maruti Galli also.youngguns

eth1 Network Solutions manages the back end infrastructure ( Linux/Unix servers, Switches, Routers etc ) of companies and provides engineering support. In layman terms, we maintain and manage the critical or core part of any business. 

 eth1 Network Solutions, a start-up in Belgaum rendering Server Management and Web development services to clients in US/UK/Europe.

 eth1 Network Solutions is primarily into Linux/Unix Server Management of SME, Web Hosting Companies and many emerging startups abroad. The company has offices in Belgaum. 

 Swapneel has certification under of CCNA,MCSE,RHCE and latest one he has acquired is the Advanced Course in Linux/Unix from Institute of Illinois ( a tie up with Oreilly School of Technology).  He worked as a Linux/Unix System Engineer in a few startup companies in Bangalore. 

 The company provides Quality Outsourced Technical Support to Hosting companies, Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s) and Data centers around the world. At eth1 Network Solutions, customers get 24 hour Support from staff comprised of qualified and experienced Engineers.  Money is saved, time and a lot of effort which can be profitably utilized to market your core services.


Swapneel Patnekar
Swapneel Patnekar

The company is available via phone, AOL/Yahoo/MSN/Google IM/IRC 7 days a week, 365 days a year for support.  They support any version of Redhat, Fedora, Cent OS, Ubuntu, Debian. Engineers having a working experience in cPanel/WHM software and we provide all tiers of support, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.




They have system administrators working round the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year monitoring your network infrastructure and fine tuning it. They offer custom plans for you with the flexibility so that you concentrate on growing your business while we take care of the infrastructure.

Above all they offer dose of honest support, which means no gimmicks, no exaggerated responses to all the queries you and your customers might have. Their motto is to help you and your customers in growing the business.

They believe that no two problems, two solutions are identical. Every individual or company requires a custom solution to every problem or business need. They here to cater to all the problems you face in your server infrastructure.

eth1 Network Solutions primary motto is a dose of honest support

“We have the right infrastructure and the right engineers to solve your problems and maintain your infrastructure.”

 Business is in the blood:


After passing the valued Redhat Certification exam in 2006, he tried setting up a business of his own dealing with Wireless and Wired Networking for local SME’s and institutions. But then he was green with very little experience of the outside world. He failed sustaining it as the demand for services was meager.

He then took a few odd jobs in Bangalore and started working as a Freelancer along with a job in the day. The Freelancing helped him technically and got loads of contacts. He came back in 2007 and started working from home office setup alone. From then on he has 4 full time and 3 freelancers working for eth1 Network Solutions. 


 Starting the startup in Belgaum was the easiest option due to the infrastructure, contacts, commuting time is absolutely meager and having a lot of colleges providing the BCA/BSc(Comp)/BE(Comp) for man power needs helps tremendously. 

 They recently opened a training unit for educating people interested in Linux/Unix. Courses offered are not only practically oriented but with managing 413 servers of clients remotely eth1 Network Solutions staff has the right experience in molding Linux geeks from Belgaum!

 Passion for Linux/Unix & Love of the Linux command line and desire to help companies with the right solution prompted Swapneel Patnekar to start eth1 Network Solutions in his home town, Belgaum.

 If you are passionate about PHP and love creating PHP Web Applications for solving real world problems send your resume to  [email protected] or [email protected] with the email Subject as “PHP Programmer”. 

Swapneel Patnekar (Founder)

eth1 Network Solutions 


us : (716) 941-7526

uk: (0161) 408 5776

Mobile : +91 98866 37820

Email : [email protected]

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