Interactive meeting with the various business associations of Belgaum

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The Belgaum Chamber of Commerce & Industries, and the District Coordination Committee of the Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce & Industries(FKCCI) led by the Chairman Shri. Sudhakar S Shetty conducted an interactive meeting with the various associations of Belgaum on 23rd August 2014 at Raosaheb Gogte Hall, Udyambag Belgaum, to discuss and solve the issues faced by these associations, Trade and Industry. The following association put up their grievances and issues/suggestion.DSCN5611

1. The Belgaum Chamber of Commerce and Industries

*Status/Proposal of Ring road around Belgaum.

*To bring in Property Tax scheme as in Bangalore to Belgaum also.

*Abolition of Trade License.

*Identifying Land availability for setting up new Industries.

*Extension of Intercity Train services from Hubli.

*Continuation of Air Services from Belgaum Airport.

*Widening of Kanapur Road.

*Waiver of interest against Loan of MSME due to continuous recession from 2008.

*Representation of Chamber in local bodies such as Corporation, BUDA, KSRTC etc.

*To encourage Vendor development for Railways & P.S.U in Belgaum.


*Requested for extension of time limit for use and utilize land purchased by BEMCIL in Navage village,

Taluka Belgaum.

3. Belgaum Steel Traders Association

*Limit of E-Sugam to be raised up to Rs.50,000/-.

*To put up check post at the borders to check Trade diversions to neighbouring States.

4. The Belgaum Automobile Merchants Association

*Trade diversion to neighbouring states due to high Tax component in Karnataka.

*Online VAT uploading to be modified to accept negative values, and provision for revised returns.

5. Shree Belgaum Cloth Merchants Association

*VAT on mosquito nets to be reduced from 14.5%.

*Local Shahpurs silk saree industry should be promoted on national scale with the support of the Government.

6. Belgaum Automobile Dealers Association

*Trade diversion to neighbouring Sates due to difference in VAT, Road Tax, Cost of Fuel.

*Government should provide Subsidies for effluent treatment plants.

*Special Economic Zone(SEZ) for Automobile Industries.


7. The Belgaum City Chemists and Druggists Association

*Exemption of VAT on Medicines.

*Compulsory FSSAI License to Pharmaceutical Retail/Wholesalers is unnecessary burden to dealers.

8. Belgaum Small Scale Industries Association

*Provide funds for product display Exhibition Center and Incubation Center.

*Road widening from 3rd Railway gate to Peeranwadi.

9. The Karnataka State Licensed Electrical Contractors Association

*Overhaul of power distribution system in the city.

*Up gradation of Sub-Station from 33KV to 110KV near Railway Station.

* Up gradation of Sub-Station from 33KV to 110KV at Udyambag.

10. The Jewellers Association, Shahapur

*Reduction in Custom Duty from 10% to 2%.

*Relaxation of Gold imports under 80:20 scheme for exports.

11. APMC Merchant Association

*User fee on commodities to be withdrawn.

*Market fees on commodities should be reduced from 1.5% to 1% or less.

*Speed up shifting of vegetable market from near Fort to APMC.

*High rent on shops in APMC to be reduced.

*High Property Tax on shop cum godowns is unjustified.

12. North Belgaum Industries Association

*Errection of new 110KV Power Station at Honga.

13. Cloth, Silk, & Yarn Merchant Association

*Exemption for uploading Purchase and Sales, as Sarees are exempted from Tax.

14. Foundry Cluster

*Maintenance and repair of roads and drains in Udyambag area constructed by the Foundry Cluster under IIUS scheme 2003 of Department of Industrial policy and promotion Government of India.

*Widening of road from 3rd Railway gate to Machhe.

The District Coordination Committee Chairman Mr.Sudhakar S Shetty in his concluding remarks assured to co-ordinate with the respective Government Departments/Ministries/Secretaries and solve the issues. He also stressed on for greater co-ordination and support of the Associations to The Belgaum Chamber of Commerce and Industries.


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