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Memories cherished with BeautifulPhotos App

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Subhash Photo Systems Belagavi  iOS and Andoid App made in Belagavi itself by Bitjini

A decade ago businesses and enterprises were expected to have a physical office space and an online presence was considered a bonus. After the Internet and e-commerce became mainstream in India, the roles were reversed – strong web presence was deemed the norm and physical office spaces took on a secondary, optional role. Now with higher smartphone penetration the mantle has shifted towards the mobile and Apps are the in thing and that truly makes us feel that the world is in our palm.

True to its nature BeautifulPhotos has made sure that they are on top of App business as well. BeautifulPhotos app is applicable for
iOS and Android.

Leveraging the Subhash Photos Systems legacy, BeautifulPhotos App provides users a platform to create Prints, Collages, Mugs, Posters, Canvas all in one place and all at just few clicks of your mobile screens.

The App has been built by Bitjini, a Belagavi based company.
Speaking to AAB Supreet of Bitjini said, Bitjini is a one place for creating Mobile Apps for any platform and also pushing it to the consumers. We are really elated to be associated with Beautifulphotos as they are through professionals and have excellent ideas and know the pulse of clients. We were engaged from the beginning and got the iOS code developed first and then moved to Android. It was a great experience to learn and grow. It’s like mutual growth prospects for us and giving an opportunity for a startup like ours too to grow is highly appreciated and commendable. We thank the Oulkar’s for providing us the platform to show case our talent and make their dream come true.

Deepak and Rohini Oulkar are the brain behind this transition of a store to a website and now exclusive App based module.

We caught up with the entrepreneurs to know more about this App –

Can you tell us more about BeautifulPhotos’s offering?

Our business model hasn’t changed since we were founded – we continue to focus on photos, and our business continues to evolve around engaging photo products, scalable platforms and smart devices. We are passionate about innovating on the ways in which people tell their stories through still pictures and making their experience memorable and the magic created out of it is ever lasting. So we had started the website but with transition to mobiles, we thought it was very apt to make the change to an App based module.

BeautifulPhotos’s App creation tools enables customers to express their creativity and play the role of memory keeper with ease (regardless of their technical expertise).

We deliver direct-to-doorstep anywhere in India using India Post which gives us an added advantage in reaching the remotest of places in the country.

Infact we just delivered one order to Bihar (city /state name), Telangana which just shows what is the potential of such Apps.

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Tell us about the App When was it launched? How has the growth been?

Smart Phones have rapidly replaced the standard point-and-shoot camera. We are therefore focused on building engaging mobile applications that use the photos on your phone to create something unique and lasting.

We have launched it about 4 months back and since launch,  
we have over 5000 downloads both on Android as well as iOS and offcourse a consistent Google Play Store rating of 4.3. which is in itself an achievement for a start up in app like ours.

Why the App ?

With more n more pictures getting clicked on mobiles and also because of its convenience, this is the sector to watch out for. So through this App u have the convenience, privacy and personalisation available to design your photo product at ease.

The joy of giving a personalised gift is always a pleasure.  Customers are always in need of something”new” and we have already set new products in the pipeline which will be introduced gradually in the course of time.

What are your strategies to make this App a major success?

We are in the business of photography for more than four decades now and we have our customers database.

We also believed that getting it done in Belagavi is the best way even if we took some more time we have got it done here locally in Belagavi by Bitjini which is also encouraging sign for IT. We have derived our ad budget and as you know we have to pump in more funds to reach to the max users. We need to have top of mind recall about us and our products from our customers.

What are the challenges you faced in reaching upto this level?

Challenges were and are many. As it is said fortune favours the brave we need to be on our toes and need to keep ourselves abreast with the latest technological changes. Initially we had challenges about how to go about, then came the what we need to offer, then it was what would be our reach so on and so forth. Things unfolded as we started to have solutions one by one and that’s the key we are able to provide the best of solutions in the photo industry today with our app. Now sky is the limit from here offcourse not without challenges.

Offcourse well said..But yes I am sure you would be missing your dad Anand Oulkar at this important phase of your life?

Yes very much. Along with he being my father, he was my friend, philosopher and guide at all times and most importantly my major critic. Let me tell you he is around even at this very moment with me and happy to see beautiful photos progress as it was his dream we are living. It’s like “dream big to achieve big “was his policy and we (Rohini n self) are following it.

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