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Minolta state of the art printing machine commissioned at Subhash Photos Tilakwadi

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splogoSubhash Photos has been a leader in photography and the latest Minolta bizhub pro machine was commissioned at the Subhash Photo System at Deshmukh road, Tilakwadi. 

The new machine has unique digital colour press with revolutionary High Chroma toner technology produces truly magnificent colours unlike any ever experienced before. The machine can print 71 pages per minute and gives real life colors and can print on many kinds of papers used for various applications such as non tear-able greetings cards, visiting cards, id cards, Photo books and so on.subhashphotos

A wildlife photo exhibition has also been arranged on the occasion which has photos of Niranjan Sant, Ram Mallya, Pradeep Wasunkar and others. Also all the products printed from the machine have been put on display.

The exhibition remains open to all at Subhash Photo Systems Deshmukh Road until 18 September from 11 am to 8 pm. 

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