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Money school in Belgaum to help you grow money – Anilkumar Garag – Young guns

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MONEY SCHOOL is a venture of academicians and practicians in the stock markets. It is an effort to bring financial literacy to the investing public in Belgaum. They conduct courses related to stock markets to educate the investors about taking calculated risks. The school is run by  Prof. Anil Kumar Garag as person with great knowledge of markets and deep study in the economics of the market.

The Money school offers various courses like Basic Course on Stock Markets, Technical Analysis,  Fundamental Analysis, Futures and Options, NCFM/BCFM Training, Mutual Funds, Elliot wave Theory,  Point and Figure charting.

The fees are normal and any common man can afford the same and also the timings are feasible like in the evenings etc. so that even if you are jobber you can study after your work.

The BASIC COURSE ON STOCK MARKET course contains the basic knowledge to enter the stock market and includes the following:  Overview of Financial Markets, Primary Markets (IPO Markets), Secondary Markets (Stock Exchanges), Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
Introduction to Technical Analysis, Common Terms & Money Management.

After you have attained the basic knowledge now study Technical Analysis and the course includes:  
Introduction to Technical Analysis Charting Dow Theory, Chart Patterns, Moving Averages, Oscillators, Short Term Trading, Common Terms, and Money Management.

Making money after knowing all these many things you need to higher risks and for that Futures and options is the best option.

The COURSE ON FUTURES AND OPTIONS includes basics of Futures, Options, Trading in Futures and Options, Hedging, Speculation Arbitrage, Strategies.

MUTUAL FUNDS COURSE (For AMFI Certification) contains Introduction to Mutual Funds, Structure of Mutual Funds, Types of Mutual Funds, Investment Strategies, Mutual Fund Evaluation
Life cycle Investing.

Only knowledge of these things is not sufficient and in-depth knowledge of economics is required and hence the  COURSE ON FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS which includes: Economic Analysis, Sector Analysis, Industry Analysis, Company Analysis.

Money school also trains you for the NCFM and BCFM Training.

There are various theories which are used in charting and the best amongst them is ELLIOT WAVE THEORY. So you can learn more about the theory in detail Wave Theory, Application of Elliot wave theory in Investing.

One more important part is charting: POINT AND FIGURE CHARTING, this course includes Drawing point and figure charts, Chart patterns, Chart inferences, Entry and exit points & trading rules.


About Prof.Anilkumar Garag, the man behind Money School:anilgarag

Anil straddled the world of academics and financial consultancy. Apart from teaching as an Associate Professor at MATS School of Business and an Entrepreneur in Financial Services he is also an entrepreneur running a small company called MONEY CENTER. Money Center is involved in Stock Broking, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Mutual Funds, Housing Loans and Personal Loans in Belgaum.

Prof Anil Kumar is also a visiting faculty at Goa University, Karnatak University, Visvesvarayya Technological University and has delivered guest lectures at a host of Management Schools in Karnataka.

He specializes in Investment Management, Derivatives, International Finance, Management Consulting, and Management Development Programmes.

He has worked for NH Securities; Mukand Global Finance Limited; Enercon India Limited; KLS’ Institue of Management Education and Research earlier in his career.

He did his schooling from St. Xavier’s High School Belgaum; then GSS College Belgaum, B.E., Industrial and Production Engineering from GIT Belgaum & MBA, Management from KIMS Karnatak University Dharwad. He has submitted his Ph.D Thesis ‘“Valuations Of Futures In Indian Stock Markets: An Empirical Analysis”’ to the Goa University.

He also worked as Faculty and Placement Co-coordinator at Institute of Management Education and Research Belgaum for over 7 years. As Faculty of Finance he taught courses in Financial Markets and Institutions, Derivatives, International Finance, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management. He also co-ordinatined Placement Activities for the Institute for five years and was the public face of the Institute as Placement Co-coordinator.


Garag Financial Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. 203/2B, Shukruwar Peth Tilakwadi, Belgaum – 590 006 Ph: 0831-4204231 Cell: 9343184895
 email: [email protected]

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