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Old well now garbage spot

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Ground water levels are over the world is decreasing and Belgaum is no exception to it. Curently the Camp areas have no water supply for 3 days and the city areas are also getting very little supply.kelkarbag

 See the photo, an old well which must be older than 60 – 70 years in Kelkar Bag, next to Belgaum Bhavan is now a garbage point, where all the vegetable sellers have thrown the garbage and filled it up completely.

In fact many such cases exist in many areas in the city. The worst case I know is of the closure of the 12 pulleys well (Bara Ghadghdyache Vhir) which was in front of Kaveri Cold Drinks in Hutatma chowk which was closed in somewhere around 1966 when the Munciplaity water lines were being laid.

Water conservation is very important, now all new buildings have to have the rain water harvesting but what about these assets, those old wells if are given a rebirth can help overcome water shortage the city is facing. 

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