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Suresh Hundre : CMD Polyhydron Belgaum: Business Ashrama Stars of Belgaum


“We will create an island of excellence through focus on customer, employee-empowerment and continuous improvement.”- Mission Statement



 Polyhydron will nurture an ethically managed organization. We will not exploit our

Customers, suppliers, government, society and nature” – Vision Statement


Those 4 lines of hefty looking words are a brain child of Mr.Suresh Hundre, CMD Polyhydron Pvt.Ltd. Belgaum. He does not run a business he runs Business Ashram, that not me who says that, numerous case studies by prominent management Gurus mention the same thing.


Mr.Suresh Hundre a down to earth man aimed differently and achieved it. He dreamt of doing business ethically and yet grows the business 30% year after year, be debt free and cash rich.


Polyhydron is in the manufacturing of Industrial Hydraulic Valves, very back from 1981-82. Mobile Hydraulic Valves (Import Substitution) production added in the year 2001-02.


When he took over the executive responsibility of the company in the year 1986,  anaging he show was easier said than done. With cash flow problems due to pending payments and very high inventory leading to pressure working capital management. Mr.Hundre analyzed the situation to find out that there was much non-compliance with regulatory requirements.


He is influenced deeply by Swami Vivekanand, the scriptures and spirituality, the Gita

& Ricardo Semler’s Maverick. He took the best from all and runs his organization as ‘business ashrama’ as he calls it, where “Honesty is not the best policy, it is the only policy!


We are honest. We are transparent & we do not pay BRIBE.”


The Ashrama itself is a place to see and believe. The first plant was constructed in hexagonal shaped structure, surrounding a central octagonal place. This layout provides more floor space, better lighting and ventilation. In Business Ashrama eight groups of three hexagonal structures are constructed. Each group is a ‘focused factory’ for specialized products dedicated to one customer.

 The word Ashrama is aptly used as the place gives a feeling of being close to the nature where ducks, fishes and turtles are also a part of life and also a Dhyan  Mandir .

 Mr.Hundre does not pay any bribes anywhere. Customers were not given any credit, and the business was to be done only on payment, He scrapped the material store and established a transparent supplier management system. No price bargain with the customer and started following a transparent discount policy, known to all.


He does not like pushing people to do duties, on the contrary he believes in creating an environment where people work without compromising ethics and morality. Which company will share its balance sheet with employees, Hundre’s company does it.

 Productivity, profit, growth such data are shared on a NOTICE board and anyone can question a financial transaction of the company.  He believes that any business big or small should be built on own financial strength then only one can achieve sustained growth.


Trust is the core in the company. Security guard is there only during night hours when no one is in the factory, as he does not question the honesty of his employees.


Only one level of management exists between the CMD and workers and those are the co-oridinators. No supervision what so ever. The workers can stop the production at anytime if they notice some flaw in the product or the raw material.


The Company maintains almost a paperless office and well networked MIS system. As there is no store for raw materials, the materials are brought Just in time directly to the workstation. Even the quantity brought in is not formally counted as Polyhydron has developed a respect with its suppliers. If something goes wrong only, the workers directly contact the supplier directly as they know the best.

Mr Hundre does not welcome any consultant in his office who may like to offer advice on how to reduce the tax burden! The company plans how they can pay more tax to the Government in the current year as compared to previous year!


Mr. Hundre’s role models are Mahatma Gandhi, Kiran Bedi, Ratan Tata and Narayan Murthy.


When he deiced to computerize the whole company all original hardware and software were brought for a high price almost double that of pirated, the employees decided that only half of the computers be bought and employees were ready on rotation basis.


He does participate in social activities but it will be after 6 p.m. If he has to go somewhere his casual leave application will be on the notice board. In fact, all the employees have to do the same.


A few more questions I asked to Mr.Suresh Hundre. 



Ø Your view on Belgaum, its development over years and what you think is in store for it in the future.

 It is a Slow growing Industrial Place , mostly owned by Local People with Small Vision(There are very few exceptions)


Ø Now that your son also handles some aspects of your business, do you think he will also carry your legacy forward?

Yes, Certainly.


Ø How has been the support of your parents and family at home?

I had no support from my Parents for starting the Business, but my wife supports me 100% (She shares max. returns From the company -Dividend)


Ø You have given so many lectures at so many places, any experience worth sharing here?

Once in GIT after my Lecture a North indian Student met me outside the hall and said “All what you talked inside the Hall is Bullshit- what is you comment” I replied “I Pity You”


Ø You have made your factory a temple of ethics where, even I made my first ever industrial visit way back in 1996 we were impressed and till date people have the same feeling. How do you keep the legacy?

 Perspective, Patience & Persistence


Ø  You are very active in the social field, especially in social justice forum and in the fight to save Vaccine depot. What is your thought on the young generation and their contribution to back to the society?

Generally, Young Generation does not feel obliged to social commitments/responsibility. The young generation is more attracted to worldly pleasures at least efforts and no sacrifice.


Ø Has you thought of retiring yourself form the day to day activities of the company?

Yes, definitely. I will play role of a mentor.


Ø  You believe in being simple and living simple. Has that raised some conflicts amongst your family members?

 My wife also comes from same middle class,  . My son also belives in simple living.



Ø  Your thoughts for upcoming entrepreneurs in Belgaum?

Have a Big Vision and Go Mad After it. Keep your personal agenda aside until you establish.


Ø  You believe in debt less company operation, but how do we achieve it, if we area first time entrepreneurs?

 Nothing  wrong in borrowing loans. The earlier you are out of it the better.


Ø  What relaxes you after a day’s work?

Social Work 


Ø You have some hobbies, which keep you engrossed elsewhere?

Reading Spiritual Books


Ø  What do you think of this blog and its contribution to Belgaum?

 Excellent Keep it up.


After reading all this, I am a fan of Mr.Suresh Hundre. Many have their idols or role models like Sharukh Khan, Amir Khan, a few like Gandhi and Nehru, but to be successful in life the correct way is to follow Mr.Suresh Hundre. Its difficult but is the right path.

See company website http://www.polyhydron.com/



  1. Your ethics and principles are light to present generation. Am your big fan from my college days. Have completed my final yr mechanical project in your esteemed
    organisation 11 yrs back.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I am basically a Mechanical engineer & worked with Manugraph India Ltd for 17 years & left the job for doing business. I have started Heat treatment shop at Kolhapur 3 years back & now undergoing expansion with “Sealed Quench Furnace”. This furnace is highest i its class & all OEM companies are insisting the Heat Treatment in these furnaces only.
    Since I was regularly visiting Belgaum & heard very inspiring things about you & your organization. By heart I want to be like you & want to work with the organization like yours. How can I proceed to work with you

  3. I need the price list for the following things. pleqase furnish to me.
    * lever operated Diraction control Valve
    *valve block
    bell housing
    Gauze 300 bar
    r/F valve
    R2 hydraulic hose 300 bar
    Fitting 3/8
    B/waser 3/8 nad 1/4
    Tank 500*300*300 mm
    pipe s/l 6 mm
    oil ingigator
    sation stinneer
    filler brether
    hose nipple
    panel box
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  4. It has made me feel very happy to know about this ETHICAL company and the great person Shri Hundre in particular. May God bless him always and let there be more persons in this country who will draw inspiration from him to carry on their business in similar fashion.
    The students of Management courses should look upon Shri Hundre and his organisations as Role Models.
    with regards
    K R Golwalkar

  5. Really it made me feel so happy to know about such a great ideal that MORALITY and ETHICSI in business. Mr.hundre did a wonder.I think this happened due to his attitude towards the society and the true concern.Today everywhere we listen that in business there is no scope for any ethics,if one want to grow in business he should exploit somebody or else i.e,either customer or employees sometimes both,otherwise he will not going to be survive for long Mr.hundre disproved the misconception and his organization became a benchmark.the present and future enterprenuers must think in this way and make the whole society clean and ethical.HATS OF TO THE GREAT SOUL MR.SURESH HUNDRE.

    thanking you.

  6. I really donot known, who and why, he has STOPPED asking such questions to LITERALLY ENLIGHTED Mr. HUNDRE. I think this conversation could have gone the long way. The person who has interviewed HIM, might really have gone through the journey of SPIRITUALISM!
    I think this comment box will be too short to comment the above GREAT conversation!

    I am Mechanical Engineer Graduate from KLE College of Engineering and Technology,BELGAUM.I was always supposed to think that the enterprenuers are BUSINESS ORIENTED people.But HATS OFF TO YOU SIR , YOU REALLY DISPROVED IT!

    Today the people are hanging the humanity.
    There is really no realisation of SPIRITUALISM.

    People do not want to understand–DHARMA, ARTHA , KAMA and the GREAT MOKSHA
    But if Lord KRISHNA wants it to be like this, it will be like this!

    If anybody has read this comment(from heart), please kindly inform this to ,(now my another IDOL) Mr. Hundre and also the PERSON, rather the interesting PERSON, who asked such beautiful questions and right questions to the right MAN.

    Please really bring out such great conversations!!!!

    Please give out the name ,who has asked such good questions (by e – mail to klemesvn@yahoo.com)


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