Flights schedule Belagavi – Belgaum


love dale belagavi

Flights schedule from Belagavi (IXG) to Bengaluru
Flight schedule belgaum

Updated 14, May 2018

Flight No Origin Destination Departure Arrival Frequency Effective From Effective Till
SG 3468 Belagavi Bengaluru 3:55 PM 5:15 PM Mon/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun 14 May 18 27 Oct 18
Trinity Belagavi


  1. Plz provide the Srinagar to Belagavi at least provide connecting flight from Delhi lots of uses of defense person

  2. will there be any direct flight from belgaum to Delhi in near future??
    Admin please let me know.

  3. Actually if there is a belgaum – bangalore flight in the morning like around 8 am and an late evening flight at 7 or 8 pm it’s convenient. Present timings are really inconvenient.we land at 5.45 pm collecting baggage etc 6 pm .till we reach Blore city it would be 7.30 half day waste.

  4. I would say there must be a stop over at Belgaum on Hyderabad – Goa flight. It will be awesome. There are quite a few people travelling to Belgaum from Hyderabad. The state highways are bad. Railway route is not convenient as well. If there is a direct flight from Hyderabad till Belgaum, it will help a lot.

  5. When Jet Airways MUMBAI – BELGAUM – MUMBAI flights starts ? As this is essential for International flights connection. Please advice.

  6. I hert belgaum knw b cam amart city its good news as for as and i hrt kne in belgaum internatoin airport it s very very good news fast 5 yar we r wating belgaum well start interntionl airport do fast work and start arlly

    • The current situation at Sambra airport is that it can handle air-crafts like ATR72 and Q400. Only a few airline companies have these smaller planes (SpiceJet being one of them). Other airline companies do not have smaller planes to their fleet which is hindering the flight frequency.

      Once the expansion of airport is complete, air-crafts A321 neo can be used and most Indian domestic airline companies have these types of flights in their fleet.

      With respect to international flights in Belgaum, it sure will be a dream.

  7. Why this only for 2 month it must keep going regularly… also must fly to amritsar &jammu srinagar to connect with north easily

  8. All waiting for an earlier Mumbai-Bgm flight send your SuggestionComplaint to [email protected]. Maybe if they get many requests they may review and change the time. Even for domestic passengers more than half a day is lost when they arrive at 2 pm. I’ve sent a suggestion for a 7 am flight and have got their response that the suggestion will be sent to a review commitee. If they get many requests it may help.

  9. Hubli’s loss is Belgaum’s gain. Probably the renovation work at Hubli is not yet complete hence flights are diverted to Belgaum, anyways as of now we have flights operating from Belgaum till end October-2015.
    Now there is a Belgaum – Mumbai daily flight which everybody wished for and Belgaum-Bangalore 2 flights daily; so no problems till October.

  10. Once the CMO of J G CO HOSPITAL GHATAPRABHA had been to meet Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji of Art Of Living requesting him to be the chief guest to inaugurate The newly constructed Naturopathy Centre, Sri Sri denied to come due to no flight to Belgaum.

    Coincidentally Air Deccan started its operations few days before the inauguration and hence The Naturopathy Centre was inaugurated by Sri Sri.

    are once again lucky days going to arrive for Belgaum?

  11. Let’s hope the spice jet flies to Mumbai from belgaum permanently. …and also hoping for a early morning flight for Mumbai

    • Do a google Search for it. We have to be grateful they’ve provided this news, we can’t ask to be spoon fed every single detail.

  12. This is just temporary, because Hubli Airport extension work is going on, hence belgaum airport is used till 30th of November. so how can any one say that flights have commenced or belgaum airport has become operational. check thru their web u will not get schedule after 30th November.

  13. Flights from Belgaum to Mumbai and back are a must because of the access to the Shivaji International airport.

  14. The web site “make my trip” books tickets only to Bangalore ,Chennai.However it does not book any Ticket to Mysore and Vishakpatanam.


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