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Aspiring admission for Engineering courses It is not all about studying in Metros

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by Dr.A.S.Deshpande, Principal KLS Gogte institue of Technlogy
I see many students are keen on seeking admission to the institutes from metros and bigger cities. On account of merit constraints, parental pressures or sometimes on account of the financial constraints. And then reluctantly they end up with the institutes nearer to their places of stay in smaller cities.

I strongly opine that, there is absolutely no reason for such students to get nervous. If you study in good institutes with good brand, accreditation and academic autonomy from smaller cities then there is no looking back. I see following points in this favour –

1. The teaching-learning is always better and with more seriousness on account of lesser distractions.

2. It’s the performance of the student with problem solving ability, research quotient, publications, patents, attitude, team playing ability, academic as well as competitive performance gets him opportunities for higher studies and career. These could be planned in any good institutes and not necessarily from bigger cities.

It’s seen in last few years that 40 to 60 % students opt for higher education in good institutes within India as well as abroad and may be immediately after the graduation or 2 years post their work experience in a reasonably good organisation. In such cases more you need is the ingredients as mentioned above in addition a degree from a good institute be it from a smaller place or bigger city.

Yes, you might find little better placement opportunities and exposure in metros but if you have an inclination to go for higher studies, UPSC or Public sector jobs as well as reasonably good initial break in private sector your choice of tier 2 city is absolutely fine.

A survey indicates that 65% of innovators and technology leaders come from the institutes from tier 2 cities.

Please note that most of the MNCs have realized that great talent does exist in good institutes of smaller places too and trend is changing.

Yes, but you need to ensure industry oriented ambiance with holistic growth opportunities in the institute.

The institutes you select be preferred by good and meritorious students with qualified and committed teachers as well as leadership, facilities to go for professional certifications, English proficiency, Incubation and Entrepreneurship, good alumni base and their support.

Finally, please note that even if you are away from Metros still you career could be better.

3 thoughts on “Aspiring admission for Engineering courses It is not all about studying in Metros”

  1. Only dreaming away in life will not let you have your goals,
    Luck works for those people who work hard to live their dreams,
    Wish you best of luck for your efforts…
    All the best!

  2. Well said Dr.A.S.Deshpande. Smaller cities/towns like Belgaum, Mysore offer much better environment to study – less distractions as you said plus less traffic chaos, less noise, less pollution, less people gives you more time to study and excel. Regarding placements we can see that lots more students are getting Campus placed than before say a decade.
    Hats off to the good teachers like you and many others in the schools, colleges in Belgaum that the City can pride itself as an Education hub. Keep the flag flying high.

  3. Dear Readers,
    I agree with Dr. Deshpande on this regard. I do not believe that only top institutions build your career. Yes definitely you get opportunities for campus interviews. It is individual’s passion towards his career & life makes him successful. No matter he learns in any school or institute. Follow your dreams.
    All the very best !!!


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