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Total Plastic ban implementation from May 30

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The State Government on March 11 issued an official gazette notification stating a complete and total ban on plastic and all plastic and thermacol products in the State.

City Corporation Commissioner G Prabhu in a press meet said that from May 30 teams will be sent for the implementation of the total plastic ban.
All plastic carry bags, flex hoardings, cups, spoons etc are banned to sold or used, he added.

no-plasticThe government notification makes specific mention that plastic, no matter its thickness, is banned across the State. “No shopkeeper, vendor, wholesale dealer, retailer, trader, hawker or salesman shall use plastic carry bags, plastic banners, plastic buntings, flex, plastic flags, plastic plates, plastic cups, plastic spoons, cling film and plastic sheets for spreading on dinning table, irrespective of thickness including the above items made of thermacol and plastic, which use plastic micro beeds”. The only exemption granted is for the export units, apart from the plastic used for milk and milk products and plant nurseries.

No industry or person shall manufacture, supply, store, transport, sell and distribute plastic in Karnataka. The notification makes specific mention that plastic, no matter its thickness, will be banned across the State.

5 thoughts on “Total Plastic ban implementation from May 30”

  1. Should be implemented strictly so as to save the planet as much as possible. Also a alternative should be found to milk and milk products. It would be better for us and the next generations to come.

    • Alternate to supply milk? :-)) – go back to square one… what was used before plastic packets were introduced?

      Glass Bottles! Go for it! they are Re useable!

      • No Sir, This is not a solution to this issue. Reuse of glass bottles for milk and milk products is NOT AT ALL advisable. This was discontinued due to problems in ensuring thorough washing…To solve one issue, we should not create another, especially known one.

  2. Time and again our govt comes out with many such rules but we often fail to implement them. Take for example, the ban on sale of Gutka or the Helmet for two wheeler riders or the Meters on Auto Rickshaws. One can state many such rules which have not been implemented due to insufficient staff or the lackadaisical attitude of the concerned authorities. Whenever the authorities try to strictly implement such rules, our political leaders interfere with the authorities and thus the rules remain confined to the Rule Books! We Hope the Corporation Commissioner gets full cooperation of the citizens and the politicians in implementation of this rule in the interest of the survival of our children!

  3. A very Good initiative, can be successfully implemented only through public participation. No need to curse Government as always, they have done their job. We should carry cloth/Paper bags while going for shopping and should not ask for any bags from shopkeepers.


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