An awakeful school

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by Rahmat Madiwale

Education today is undergoing severe stress and strain. Instructions given in schools do not really improve the mind and character of the students. The restlessness persisting in the student world is responsible for destruction, violence and indiscipline in society. Education should prompt an inspire the students to self discovery; it must make one to act and react within oneself. The courses taught must be lively and varied and nourished the heart as well as the intellect. Education must be relevant to life. For eg : History dates must be exempted for memorization.

What is the main cause of deterioration in the standard of education? I feel a thorough analysis is necessary. All the factors Principal, teachers, students and parents play a very important role. In the modern times as we all know the implication of education has been diluted. There is an urgent need to awaken and face the realities unemployment, suicides, drugs, unrest and low self esteem. Who is responsible for all this?

The basic reason for growing indiscipline in schools is teacher’s failure to fulfill their responsibilities properly. The two most important factors are student and teacher relationship. The role of the teacher is vital. Teachers must fulfill certain qualities required by them. The most essential quality of a good teacher is to guide and assist each child to enable it to realize his/her potential. A teacher must love teaching and have a burning passion for his subject. A teacher must quickly grasp what the student already knows, what the student wants to know and what the child finds difficult to learn.

A good teacher is one who teaches in such an interesting way that his pupils enjoy learning. In order to bring discipline in an undisciplined class the teacher has to find out his short comings and overcome them. If a student misbehaves or uses abusive language when talking to the teacher. He must be made to realize his mistake. The primary task of a teacher is to stimulate and guide student learning.

Failure of student largely depends on the student teacher and parents. The parents must take an active part in the school life of their child. Check the child’s home work, observe very carefully his friend circle, how many hours he studies. If the teacher does not check the home work find out the reason and if the teacher does not listen report to the Principal. Teacher parent meeting is very important; the teacher should keep in touch with the parents and inform them about the child’s performance.

In order to check the deterioration in the standard of education it is necessary to upgrade qualitative improvement in teaching techniques. The most fundamental human need is a feeling of belongingness. The student’s must be made to feel at home and the school belongs to them. The Alma-mater must be aroused in them and keep on enthusing this spirit by rewarding them on certain occasions. School as a whole i.e. the physical facilities, academic and social environment influences pupils learning. Teacher by his/her behavior should convince the pupils that they are wanted and accepted for what they are. The best way to motivate a child is to re-channel the motives he already has.

Cultural environment can influence I.Q. It has been shown by intellectual changes in children whose environment has undergone marked changes. Elementary school children have several problems like under achievement, slow learning, learning difficulties in some subjects etc. Children have emotional and behavioural problems. Studying group pattern is important for a classroom teacher. In most groups there are ‘stars’ rejectees, isolates and cliques. Educational and personal guidance are necessary at elementary level. Counselors are a must for every school.

The last but not the least is to tone up the Physical education programme. As the school physical activity can teach skills as well as form or change behaviour, it holds an important key to influencing health and well being in the life span. Information about health must be given through seminars, posters, general meeting etc. It must be included in the curriculum more time must be devoted. To improve the fitness of the students we need to think and design the school based physical education programme. Mental, Physical,emotional and educational all these aspects must be taken care of as there are interwoven and gives all round development for a child. The Principal, teacher, student, and parents must contribute selflessly. Our Belgaum being the hub for education, needs this type of ideal School for Vernacular & English medium.

Thousands of students come from Vernacular medium from in and around Belgaum city and straightway get into English medium for higher studies and they feel they cannot cope with it. There is talent in each one but teachers must focus not on only academics but also what he/she can cope up with and instill a sense of confidence in them which will do them good until their end.

About the Author: Rahmat Madiwale, is a soft skills trainer and has experience of more than 15 years. She specializes in training students from Vernacular medium and she instills the same level of confidence in each one.

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  1. Appreciation is not enough… It should implemented in the way suggested in article…!!! as this article didn’t only pinpoint on the system and the mementality of each one of us..but also the solution is there in the way it should be!!!!


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