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Bredboard Multi-Dimensional Embedded Systems Training

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BredBoard, an initiative of Spundhan Softwares Pvt. Ltd., is a finishing school that specializes in providing high-quality training to aspiring Students and Software Professionals out there!

Bredboard has been founded by two passionate individuals Dr. Ameet Patil & Mr. Manjunath Hadli who believe that most of the undergraduate students have immense potential, but lack the edge and luster that is needed in the Software Industry today. While most of us learn technology in a uni-directional way, the Industry on the other hand needs a ready individual who can attack a given problem from multiple angles.bredboard belgaum


Bredboard hopes to cater to this divide by (1) providing the students with the tools that are relevant to the Software Industry, (2) enabling the common sense element rather than the ‘awe of technology’, and (3) equipping the students with all the paraphernalia associated with an engineering problem starting from scratch to a full blown industry-grade solution. While maintaining a high quality delivery, we also hope to make the training programs a lively, practical oriented and a fun filled experience.

ameetDr. Ameet has a PhD in Embedded Systems from the University of York, UK., with vast experience in the areas embedded systems both hardware and software including home automation, real-time operating systems from companies in India and UK. He has worked on a wide variety of software solutions from avionics to automotive and telecom. He has extensively traveled all over the world for delivering seminars, publishing papers and technical publications in International Conferences and Journals.

manjuMr. Manjunath has over 12+ years of Technical and Management expertise at companies such as Intel and Texas Instruments in the areas of embedded systems, Operating Systems and Device Drivers. He is considered an expert in key areas in the semiconductor industry that include Video, Vision, and Computer Graphics. He has several patents and publications to his credit. Having taken part in the recruitment drive at major MNCs and having worked closely with new recruits, training and mentoring them into being productive Engineers has enabled him to know the need of the hour in Training.

Whats on offer?

BredBoard is particularly focusing on training in the area of Embedded Systems. To begin with we are introducing C and Java courses that form the basis of more advanced Embedded Systems courses. Once the momentum is set, we aim to introduce courses such are microcontrollers, machine vision, kernel internals and device drivers, robotics, etc. We also plan to conduct 1 day workshops in colleges and institutes all over India.

When asked how is BredBoard different from other institutes?

“BredBoard is very very different” – says Manju. Its founders are primarily attached to the Software Industry via Spundhan – a Software Company they founded in 2008. At BredBoard, the founders themselves along with the Spundhan development team will be training the students.

“They will train people on the state-of-the-art in the Industry today. BredBoard students will be mentored by people who hold a PhD. degree and/or have several years of Industry experience behind them. The examples given during training will directly relate to how your skills will be used in the industry. It is more a practical approach rather than just theory with little or no practicals at all.” – says Dr. Ameet excitedly – “and all this for a very competitive price”.

Nowhere else you will find such faculty or setup where the Industry experts themselves train the younger generations. Another advantage of such setup is – as the Industry ages/changes new advanced technology will be introduced. BredBoard, by way of Spundhan, can more adapt and quickly deliver courses for those new technologies with ease.

If the founders already have Spundhan, why BredBoard? Whats the objective?

Very valid question. We already have an existing flourishing business so why get into training with BredBoard? Actually, to be honest, it kind of fell in place automatically for us. Post recession the Industry is more matured now. Be it the hiring process or the employee appraisal process – everything is being looked at from a cost point of view.

Software Industry today is heavily lacking skilled labor and is spending millions on training new hires. What the Industry would rather want is to hire an already trained ready resource who is productive from day one than recruit him/her and then spend expensive time, energy and most of all money in training them expecting that they will be productive ASAP.

With Indian IT industry starting to get into the start-up culture, there are now more start-ups every nook and corner than you would see a couple of years back. These start-ups cannot spare their time in training and definitely need skilled and ready resources to hire.

Our aim is to plug this space by (1) training our students on the current Industry requirements, and (2) either hire them ourselves or place them in other companies with whom we have close relations via Spundhan.

Going forward we are also planning to take up custom tailer-made courses on behalf of our client to train fresh resources to a specific technology, screen them by pre-interviews and then let them be absorbed by the client for full-time employment. This would save the client a massive amount of time, money and effort spent in recruitment and training. We are already in talks with some of our clients on these lines. All-in-all BredBoard could soon introduce job-oriented courses.

Who is it for? How to join a course?

BredBoard does not have any restrictions on eligibility. We will prepare courses that will cater to a wider range of students right from school to degree level and also to software professional who are already working in the industry and need to polish their skills. Each category of students will be made into a separate batch and the course delivery will be accordingly adapted to match the appropriate level.

Current courses: C and Java that are on offer are mainly aimed towards all undergraduate students pursuing diploma, BCA, BSc, BE in any field who have a flare for Software Programming.

One can join a course by simply filling a small form on our website: or by calling our office number: 0831-4203291/9916257006 (Ameet)/9743708383 (Manju) or by visiting our office anytime between 10:00am to 6:00pm (Mon to Sat).


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