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Vertipark another dream

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The Belgaum city corporation has received a plan of VERTIPARK (a first-of-its-kind fully automatic car parking tower) from a Hyderabad based company. The Tarun Bharat has reported this story on its front page.

Vertipark, a unique automated multi-level vertical car parking system. The Vertipark, a tower, is so designed that it maximises parking area for a variety of cars/ SUVs/ MPVs, using minimum ground space.

The length and width of each tower is designed such that the total ground space occupied is only for three vehicles. The Vertipark is an ideal solution to contain prohibitive investments and increasing pressures on availability and usage of land.

Vertipark is being offered in two modules – a 20-level module for up to 40 vehicles and a 10-level module for up to 20 vehicles. The parking slots have been configured to accommodate a variety of cars including SUVs/MPVs.

Nothing is fixed yet this is a proposal that has come from the companies side and with the ill fighting going on in the corporation where the Dy.Mayor and councilors are not attending meetings called one can only hope that such kind of a activity is a long dream.

If this project is implemented it will be on BOT for sure as the BCC has no funds (it does have funds to buy new cars for Mayor & Dy.Mayor).

The ideal spot for this could be the current car parking in Bapat Galli where the constructing of a multi level car park is only on paper for the past 4 years.

The problem of car parking is of enormous nature in the city and if something of this kind is not done now , only God Bless Belgaum !

Source: TAL-Vertiprak


5 thoughts on “Vertipark another dream”

  1. Vertipark is only one small part of the solution, let there be congestion charges for heart of the city, levy fees on vehicles coming from outside the states like goa and maharashtra on weekends. Let there be pilot taxi i.e. two wheelers just like in goa. better management and routing of city and non city buses.

  2. there is no point in implementing fancy things without analysing the needs. It should not become once more skywalker of bogarvace…..


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